The Best Move is the Move even the Allies & Enemies do not Know !

The Best Move is the Move even the Allies & Enemies do not Know !

I still do not understand why they keep finding & hunting bad people. I do not understand why they are too stupid (including Trump, Putin, blabla). Instead of using “illusion” proposal in advance, they do this & do that, it just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Instead of cleaning the house, why do not just shut down all & create the new one?

All kind of documents, intel blabla for what, it mean nothing in the new system !

All the Elders (Asia, CIS, Europe, Africa), secret societies, blabla have absolutely no brain !

If all Nation shut down border & trade just like North Korea for 5 years, the world would be a better place !!!

It is better go with the flow rather than “calculating” anything !

Bunch of idiots, everybody! Maybe the want to see their location/house got destroyed by Nature first before make any decision !

Have Fun!


Master 5 Health Books, You Can Able Live Forever Without Any Drugs, Machines

Master 5 Health Books, You Can Able Live Forever Without Any Drugs, Machines

The stupid people do not know what to eat.

The smart people know what kind of foods to eat.

The best investment anybody can made is investing in their health. To make it more easy for you, if you ever want to heal any diseases, sickness without “fake label doctor”, drugs, machines, you just need buy & study below 5 health books. Apply it into your life, then you can forget all kind of insurance & save a lot of money.

1. Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko


2. Heal Yourself 101 by Markus Rothkranz
Website: (free pdf file)

3. Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods by Anthony William


4. Mucusless Diet Healing System by Arnold Ehret

Website: : free on any Search Engine (copy paste the book title).

5. The Scientific Approach to Intermittent Fasting by Michael VanDerschelden

Website: None, Search Online

If you are leader of any Nation, you better translate/share these books with your citizens.

I am not make any review, you must study & apply to your body, your life if you want a better health. I can guarantee you can able live forever if you have will power & thinking.

Human body is amazing, you need to give your body time to adapt. My final words on Health subject is:
Eating living foods if you want to live longer.

Eating dead foods if you want to die faster.

Plant-based diet without root is the way to go.

You must respect life of all form.


Angel Team

Education Degrees are Worthless, School Learning Must be “Optional” & not a “Must”

Education Degrees are Worthless, School Learning Must be “Optional” & not a “Must”

Education System must be reformed because the current system was designed to destroy kids, students. If you asked anybody, how many % “knowledge” they remember about all 12 school years & still useful, able to apply to real daily life, the answer should be in single digit.

All the educational degrees like IELTS, TOEIC, GMAT, SAT, PHD, blabla are just a piece of paper to show you just “read something & pass a exam of that”, it do not show you can use anything in real life yet.

Do you need to study & pass history, geography, chemist, math, language in order to work as an IT programmer or a sport player?

The reason many kids do not like to study because many if not all subjects are too boring & have 0 affect in their life !!!

All the school, university learning should be an “Optional” for everybody, even the exam should be “waived”, you can should only give them a paper tell “have studied this programs”.

If any Governments & Company want to recruit the best talents they must recruit base on talent & using old accient method: all are allowed to join the test no matter background (of course, you must make sure they are organic human, not robot AI or clone). Of course you need a “magnificent manager” to know who is the best candidate out there.

I still prefer to have a “reward bouty system – pay anyone who able to resolve problems”. Because it all about idea & solution, not about the educational degrees.

Economy Trading Between Nations: Goods, Tariff, Tax

Economy Trading Between Nations: Goods, Tariff, Tax

WTO must be disband, EEA, NAFTA, TTP, blabla trade agreements should be removed. What a bunch of moron stupid idiot leader have no clue what the smoke are they doing.

What the hex is Free Trade are you talking about? The only nation have no free trade is the North Korea only, while all of other Nations already able to to buy/sell/trade with anyone already.
All the NAFTA, TTP, EEA trade agreements have only one purpose which is reduce fee cost to enter the market. It only help/support big multinational company (99.99% big company using illusion marketing tactics to cheat “normal citizens”).

Economy (Eco-no-my) is the flow of money in my dictionary. If you want free trade if must understand the word Economy first, to make it fast: all the tariff, sales tax take must base on the materials & weight of goods/products ! Not base on some illusion number or any kind of stupid advice/policy.

Here is my quick solution:
– Each Nation should have entry fee base on weight & material no matter what type of product: Example:
100% natural material product (including box/bag): 1000 gram (1kg) : $1, 1 tons (1000 kg): $1000 dolar
if have any artificial chemical like plastic involve: 100 gram $10, 1 tons $100 000.
The rate could be set by all stupid “NAFTA, TTP, EEA” or what the hex you want to come up.

– Government now should only care about sale tax, allow all products to “display/show off” on the market, the only thing matter is when the customer buy products.

I still prefer set sale tax base the necessary & disvolve-able material:
+ Foods:

* Organic Fruits/Vegetables/Flowers/Seeds: 0%

* Non organic: 20% price

* GMO foods: 100% price
+ Wearing goods: Cloths, hat, paper:
* organic plant-based (like hemp, bamboo, linen): 0% + weight tax (10% of the price)

* non-organic (artifical material involve): 20% + weight tax (50% of the price)

+ All other products follow the same rule but with higher tax. You must set the tax base on material & weight of the products.

You cannot set the products sale tax base on feeling or price the company set itself.

There should be addition out-nation sale tax depend on each nation, if your nation have surplus cloths or any other products, you can set out-nation sale tax 20 to 50%, etc.

In order for the world have fair & square trading between each companies, nations: you must force all company display raw material products cost.

The company brand must be earned base on reputation, support, not base on just some stupid marketing, celebrities endorsement or whatever fake cheating methods.

Why the hex world leader do not talk about the replacement for some stupid VISA/Mastercard company instead ? FUK all Fake Puppet Leaders !

Technology, Security Advice for New Government Legal, Banking System

Technology, Security Advice for New Government Legal, Banking System

Most if not all World Nation Leaders have no clue about technology and rely on “expert IT advisor”, unfortunately they are either too stupid or already been “bought”. This article is my suggestion about Technology & Security for the new system.

Now on Earth, the softwares (Kernel, OS, apps) have 2 type: paid & free, open source with tracking (spying) & open source without tracking. But all of the information in Government & Banking system have to store & have database. I am quite surprised to know that it took Earth around 15 years to develop & have the NewSQL database structure while it should only took less than a year after the NoSQL appeared.

I suggested all Nation & Banking system using 100% open source without tracking softwares. You can edit it to become your Nation version at will if have resources. Or you can just “borrow” Kernel Linux & build on your own system.

Be careful that there are 2 type of Open Source Softwares in the market: the one with tracking/spying & the one without tracking/spying.

The one with tracking can store any kind of your information with encrypted code then send back to any server at some point after.

I do not have resources to test/check so it is your job to test it yourself. But I highly recommend have policy about label open source without tracking & with tracking/spying.

Operating System: Linux Kernel base: Debian, CentOS, some modified version like Ubuntu, Mint.

Office: LibreOffice

Database Type: NewSQL

Security: Token hardware like the one HSBC are using so you can have both physical + virtual security. Can you phone number as the second layer but should allow customer disable if they want.

But do not setup any kind of GPS tracking or something like that in the device of customers.

NewSQL is still quite new, if have resources, the world should build the open source without tracking one. I think 12-15 months is more than enough to have a stable good version.

While the program languages is up to you since it doesn’t matter much like C, C++, Java, Javascript, etc.

In order for maximum protection I recommend there are at least 2 database tables in Legal or Banking system. 1 is for main information & 1 is to stored encrypt key. And each of them store in 2 different location with different server. The connection info between 2 could be bank account number or id/passport number or transaction key number. Make sure the “encrypt key” server locate in military base.

With that setup the “Bank IT guys” cannot do anything. With the current internet speed, it is perfect well & there won’t be any kind of delay more than few seconds at worse.

You do not need to install any anti-virus software if you using Linux OS open source. But the Linux OS need an App center for users upload/verify software.

All the Government & banking system should force citizens using open source no tracking OS (in order to processing money transaction/login to Government system).

I do not recommend using Quantum Computer, it is overated ! The current normal PC computer still using 0, 1 bit so all the servers should also use 0, 1 bit. It not a break through in computer !!! It just like big money big gun, nothing special ! It still require “programming language” in order to make any softwares/apps.

And it could has “trojan virus” since it is sundenly appear out of nowhere, where is the small version of that beast computer? It makes absolutely no sense what so ever.

Stick with something safe, stable & familar is the best bet now!!!

Remember there is always hardware security option!!!

Stop All New Technology Released to the Public & Development Now !

Stop All New Technology Released to the Public & Development Now !

After watching some video about “Man from the future” warned about many “hidden technology” like time traveler which only some “top secret organization” knew, I was quite surprised & amazed about the wrong direction human are walking & doing.

The only reason an entity can travel to this timeline is that there is a “exist time travel technology” on Earth at the moment, because that is the “law of connection” in the universe.

Human have not yet understand how human body function & natural Earth. What is the point of looking for “external power” while it can bring some chaos into society? Do you want live like robot live where every body like almost the same or live a unique like where everybody has different characters?

Planet Earth must:

1. Stop all kind of technology development & do not release any new technology to the public until 2040.

2. Destroy all time travel machine & data, research, etc. Immediately right now (Base on Dragon Ball movie, aliens or stupid beings can using that to travel into this timeline).

3. Allow maximum wireless data transmit method is 4G, stop 5G now until at least 2040.

4. Stop all kind of cloning/testing/making/transfer on/with human, animals(memory, body part, etc.)

5. Heading toward open-source with no tracking softwares in the public using.

The technology is limited and cannot replace human for human body itself is a super duper computer already !

Wake the Fuk up before too late !

Sell all Technology Stocks, Crypto-Digital-Currency quick before too late

Sell all Technology Stocks, Crypto-Digital-Currency quick before too late

Virtual Goods Virtual Currency

Physical Goods Physical Currency

If you are investing and/or have any crypto-currency then you must sell it now before it is too late.

In the new upcoming money, law sysstem, there will be 2 type of money: Money backed by landed & Digital money.

All the softwares you are using/buying will only allowed to receive digital money issued by your Nation Government.

While all the physical goods like foods, cloths, physical material where you can able to touch, feel & see in real life: only money notes is allowed to accepted.

Nobody is allowed to convert (buy/sell/trade) from digital money to physical land-backed money or metals.

But you can buy digital money direct from your Nation Government with fixed rate like $1 physical for $1000 virtual.

In real life you can create bitcoin as long as you have physical material/computer/electric. But once the electric/computer gone, where is you bitcoin? Gone, so it is make perfect sense to have above policy.

It is going to affect if not the end of all big technology company like Google, Uber, Airbnb, etc.

The Earth is ready & have alternative software to replaced which is open source software already.

4000 years ago, Human can live without any machine & technology. Now it ready to shut down/pause it temporary at any moment.

It is time to wake up all human before it is too late !

The event will start soon

Good Luck, Have Fun !