Mega “Ascension” Event Schedule, Earth Structure, History, Human, Aliens

Mega “Ascension” Event Schedule, Earth Structure, History, Human, Aliens

There are too much miss information out there, so I will have to share some “real truth” knowledge so everyone can be prepared for upcoming events on Earth.

Earth Structure: Big Circle Ball with many layers like famous Russian Doll. Most people who are reading this message is living on the Surface. While there are some place like the Hollow Earth where people can living in.

Earth History: Nobody know how many races & events has taken place on Earth. The previous Era has cause a lot of damage to planet Earth that is why we have the North Pole hole & the un-liveable Antarctica, Greenland & others. Most of the people from that stupid Era are living in the Hollow Earth (including human, half-human-half-animals & others) at the moment, they are not allowed to do a lot of things on the Earth surface unless the problem beyond current human race on Earth surface capability like dealing with “invade aliens group”. And they are waiting for the surface to discover them, and that is the only way for them to re-join the Earth surface. Many “rumour” said they have many “super ability” like telepathy, teleport, etc. But that doesn’t matter, red card is red card !

Races: There are many races on Earth at the moment, the good beings and the bad beings, but I divide it into 4 major groups:
1. Current Human Race: It is the humanity group we are familiar with.

2. Previous Era Beings: All beings from human, half-human-half-animal to others like the dragon, reptilians, bird, etc.
3. Invasion Aliens: The aliens who landed on Earth from 4000-5000 years ago to the present, the one who are trying control & take over planet Earth.
4. Observing Beings: This group are just observing planet Earth for fun, some races from this group are super advance & of course waiting Humanity to wake up to contact them in the future.

There is no such thing as racist, there is only familar & unfamilar just like “white” people want to live in “white” area, black with black, etc. There are many information online talk about the repilians but the question is are they from the previous era group or the invasion beings group? Either way, they are better to retreat & waiting humanity wake up & ready to contact them.

Ascension Event: Many are talking to this event and want to evolution. The truth about Ascension event is the time when humanity remember & care about the host Earth “stadium” host, so all the “traffic jam, congestion” can be removed. First humanity will discover the truth about how human body function really work, then to activate many ability like telepathy, teleport, fly, etc.

Global System Reset is coming next, and here is the schedule events & timeline:

2020: Global System Reset (Currency, Moral system, etc.).
2030: Human discover, understand how human body function, from that able to heal any sickness & able to live forever.

2040: Discover the Hollow Earth location & make contact with people who are living in that location (including human, half-human half-animals, etc.).

2050-2060: Start exploring the universe & make contact with other races/aliens.

That is the brief timeline & schedule, the event do not change but the timeline can be altered couple to several of years depend on humanity ready or not. Sometimes it is better to master Earth planet “stadium” first before to discover & contact other aliens race so there won’t be cheated because of the lack of knowledge & widsom.

I hope above information can help all the “stupid beings” understand & withdraw on the Earth surface including stoping all kind of stupid action like cloning, GMO, etc. It is just matter of time for humanity to know the truth, to know who are cheating them. Who are their friends who are their enemies. Do not mess with King’s Child, they are just kid now but when they grow up & become an adult, best of luck with your life! I repeat the problem of humanity is that they have not yet fully understand their body & Earth planet stadium.


Messiah – Udumbara Flower Holy King


Spirit Rule & Law [Gaia Spirit King Book 1]

Copy from the book

There is always spirit rule & law apply in the all universe, but there are not many people truly understand and know about it.

And quite frankly, I will only talk briefly because I am not sure when even this book will allowed go to hand of all Earth citizens or other people will take advantage of this. This is for normal people, while the King will have much more complicated rules.
Some basic spirit rule & laws:
1. Law of live: All people and animals, plants have this rights. When you eating animals or even root plants, you are greatly violating this law.

2. Law of take advantage of others: some groups of beings on Earth are taking advantage of many people, many may not violate physical man made law but are greatly violate this law. Example: people need money, in difficult situation, etc.

3. Law of privacy: example: spaming email, marketing, get signature energy through subcribers/follwers, it pretty much like collect infomation without other people’s awareness, harass people etc.

4. Laundering spirit enegry: it is like laundering money but in spirit level there is no fraud, black or light, dark energy. Anything do with other people spirit energy without their permission is violating this great law, examples: suck, collect, affect the flow, etc.

Frankly at this point I don’t think much of you understand, so I just end here because if I talk too much, nobody will understand and just waste of time.

That is the first part in this book, I will never reveal anymore thing at both physical and spirit level unless all above recommendation are being done or at least get some global attention first.
Thank you for reading

Earth Planet 20-10-2017, October 20th, 2017
Gaia Spirit King

The New Moral System [Gaia Spirit King Book 1]

Copy from the book

People: you have a great a idea about Moral System, but it still sound crazy and hard to understand.

Spirit King: it is much more easier than money system and it will solve all the Earth problem automatically.

People: sound like another big talk

Spirit King: you’re welcome. What is there is a system to give you 0% interest money loan, will have you get jobs easier, travel easier, and do a lot of thing less complicated. Then that must be the Moral System.

People: oh, so that New Moral System will has that kind of feature? Can you give more info please?

Spirit King: There will be a global Moral System company own by all nation government and the public.

Just like your bank account: You will have to register it first, is also have moral point like your bank account but all people in all nation will start with a same moral point.
– The point can only increase when you do not violate any local or global law & order, I am not talking about spirit law, I am just talking about physical man made law.

– The point will decrease when you violating any law and will receive a “ticket” in your moral account.

It should has global moral point and each nation moral point.
A nation can set a moral point requirements in order to able to travel in that country

A bank can check the moral point to give loan with 0% interest

A company can use it to recruit people but when the time come, all companies will have to share the average employee moral point for the customer.

There is a lot of thing can do with that system even receive global money note or use it to buy/sell/trade.

As I said previously, it will solve automatic every problem on Earth at the moment. I am talking about physical level not spirit level.

Do you think that people will hack online, spam email, violate this and that if there is a system like this exist and can affect directly to them.

People: WOW sound crazy good idea, but can anyone influence it?

Spirit King: No, first it will be owned both by the public and all nation government, it must be 100% open source as well. Frankly who dare to hack cheat the system while they can receive heavy punishment by all Earth citizens? If all nations unify, there will be no such thing as “using proxy”.

The question now to me is when all nations have gut to give this idea to the public.

The New Money System [Gaia Spirit King Book 1]

Copy from the book

The Meaning of Money Paper
First you need to remember that, before the paper money note, we are using something physical like gold, silver & others. The money paper note is represent the asset and the wealth of your nation on land but it was greatly being deceived and manipulated by a “group of people or many people say as the 1%”.
Many nation Governments do not understand that spirit meaning & the connection with the land, they are priting money note in the wrong way. They are using famous history people, building, etc.
On any land, any nations, they all have the same 4 elements:
1. Fire (Red color)
2. Water (Blue color)
3. Land/Plant (Green color)
4. Air (White color)
The amount of number of that perfect money note will also represent the “times” the connection between you and the land & nature at both physical & spirit level.

Perfect money note printed by any nations will also be used for protection & others for you, your family, your local community, etc. who are living on that land.

How The New Money System Should Work
1. Money Paper Note Format

– It must have at least 4 color represent 4 elements: red, blue, green, white.

– Picture on the money note should represent nature, plant, animal since without nature & land, you would have die.

– Amount: it is up to each nation and their people government. But in order to prevent chaos in the future when people realize the connection though the money note & nature & printing large amount of note like the one in Indonesia, Vietnam, etc.

But it must has a same limit to every nations, my recommendation is: 500 because:
1 digit note: 1, 2, 5

2 digit note: 10, 20, 50

3 digit note: 100, 20, 500

9 is the maximum number we have in number system so 500 is a good choice. 1, 2, 5 is also easy for calculation & transactions.

Variety of nature picture and color is all up to each nation, but in my opinion all money note should have a nation map in them represent the unify of the people and land as well. No matter what your background: rich, poor, jobs, etc. They will still proud of their nation and can receive support through each other by money paper note as well.

Frankly spirit level is very deep and complicated, I am trying to explain it to all nations and people so please do not laugh, it is free to read, why don’t you open mind, it doesn’t cost you anything, it free but it could be your “changing life” knowledge.
Let have some fun laugh, base on all factors. I am 100% confident to say the most valuable money paper note on Earth in front of God of all life is the Zimbabwe note.

Yes I am talking about the money note many think are worthless several years ago. It may worthless in physical level by made-in-human system, but in front of God of all life it is the best. It respects nature, plants, animals and have a very large number. Anyone who owning that “worthless zimbabwe note” may not know that they are owning the “Earth God Note”. If you have all full 4 elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth then even all stock market companies in this world combined, is not comparable to 1% of what you are owning and having.
I cannot reveal much more about the future of what you could do with that note, but the final words I can say about the “worthless Zimbabwe note” is that to me, it should worth infinite and should not be sold at all cost unless have you a lot of that note in hand. You are blessed to have that infinite “Earth God Note”.

2. Total Amount Of Money
Spirit King: Do printing more money solve the problem throught Earth history?

People: No, it only create inflation in economy and more chaos, fear, confused.

Spirit King: so why don’t all nations have an agreement to printing all and for once. After that time no nation is allowed to printed any more money under any circumstance.
People: it sould an interesting idea, but how can you have fair metric so any nation can agree?

Spirit King: the only thing differ between each nation is the land environment and the area, anything else under the land is the same since we do not know what exactly under deep down land.
People: what about the economy, population, natural resouces?

Spirit King: It all can be created even the gold can be easily made by some kind of “mixture”. We need to find something unchange no matter what happen in the future. My final answer on this problem is the “total land weight” in each nation.

People: How to calculate that land weight?

Spirit King: Since the highest point on Earth is around 8900 meter overground then we have:
The range must be 9000m underground and 9000m overground. So no nation can say this and that.
I believe there must be machine and technology can count the weight in tons in that range in all nations.

People: So now we have all each nations land weight in tons, what next?

Spirit King: Do you have any brain? Just publish that number first so all the Earth human can know and have some kind of idea their real land valuation. All nation must agree and use the same convert rate from “total weight land” to “total money note”.

People: What next?

Spirit King: Go freak yourself, I already helped you the hardest part. You must do the rest.

3. The between nation money rate
– It is now set by the people of each nation through supply & demand law but various factors like environment (CO2), total organic plants, etc. must be provide to all Earth citizen every year. You can fake and produce all kind of machine in few days but you cannot plant a 50 years tree within any period like making commerical products.

– The rate should be change only once every year, it is impossible to have a fair rate every day let a lone every second like all freaking stupid Forex company are providing & macheating.

– The best date and period is after Christmast before new year, we can easily freeze the market 3-4 days and let all Earth citizens people have some rest on that “Global calculation period”.

Valuation tick, total money tick, rate tick.

What about tracking transaction, preventing laundering, terorrism, etc.?
That is the job of the Moral System.

The System [Gaia Spirit King Book 1]

Copy from the book

Earth is in too dangerous and facing self destruction, Earth still have time to study religion but not with the current system. What I am talking about is not just about money system but also about the nation and global system.

“People can gone but system stay forever”.

Everybody know the current system does not working anymore and we need a brand new system work for every nation, every city, every people but the most importantly it must get the approved by the people. I am not talking about a group of people, I am not talking about geting 51% out of 2 “choice” like most any Nation Governments election.

I am talking about a system with a yes & no vote case by case, given by the people. The real perfect correct one will come out on top, while the “so-so” will only get rejected by majority people.

It apply to all nation/state, city, province, village, local community, etc. It also apply to all communities/groups both online and offline as well.
Each nation/state, city, communities has their own background, culture, langauge, tradition, etc. There is no such thing as a perfect system work on every area, every metrics in any location on Earth, I can 100% sure. All system should and must get approved only by the people who are in that system, not by some kind of speical group like “the rich, the ceo, boss, law maker, etc.”

But the one I am going to represent to you now is at global level, because that is the much needed one right now and it affect the almost every single human on Earth.

On Earth there is Sun and there is Moon.
On Earth there is money and there is moral.

On Earth there is money system but where is the moral system?

Well that the only solution for the money system and global economy, all other solutions by millions “experts” on Earth is just pure dump stupid, waste of time idea.

Many people want rich and more money as fast as possible without even care about it, is it moral or not, do it affect other people? Do it do harm or violating any spirit law & order?
Most of them just have a little “knowledge” over others and want to take advantage of other people by many harmful, un-moral methods and ways.

Many of you may say it make non-sense, it may not work, how can create a perfect balance money and moral system, moral is too difficult to understand, what metric is going to use?

Firstly, the moral system will not only going to work but it will going to work perfectly. Moral exist in Japan, why not the whole planet? If you ask the Japanese people, they would choose moral and their face over any kind of wealth and money.

Secondly, the moral system will base on the Spirit rule & law from the God of all life brought to all of you by me – The Gaia Spirit King at the moment. If the money & moral system I am going to provide cannot satisfy all of you then I am the fake one (Of course I say at least over 90% because on Earth there are still some evil people who want war and chaos).

Religion [Gaia Spirit King Book 1]

Copy from the book

Relgion is must be the first object and the root of many conflict on Earth at the moment.

In a religion war room, many people asking & discussing:
– “What is the best religion?”
– “Which religion I should follow?”
– “Am I allowed to convert from religion A to religion B?”
– “I hate that religion, my religion is the best”

– “When the religion conflict end?”

What is the best religion?

The best religion is no religion, if you have no religion, the religion conflict will end instantly tomorrow.

Ask and answer yourself this question?
Do following any religion help you live longer than the person have no religion? The answer is no, you can just check the longevity of Japanese people who most do not worship, pray to anybody.

So what is the point & benefit of following any religion then? Money no, power no, health no, longevity no, such a waste of time.
When the Spirit King enter that religion war room:
People from all reglion like Christian, Islam, Jew, Hindu, Buddhism have the same question:
“What is the best relgion?”

Spirit King aswer:
There is no perfect relgion on Earth at this moment. Each religion have their kind of advantage and disadvange, why don’t you study, research all religions and take the best out of it and make your own religion? Then worship yourself instead of worship someone else, you are the God of yourself, you do not have to following any other God.
Have any rule in your religion say:

you are not allowed to read & study other religion”?

create your own religion”?
The answer is simply no, if you do not trust me, why don’t just do your own research.

Then you will have to agree that you are “greed but not greed enough” if you reach the ultimate greed you would have study and learn all other religions on Earth basic rule & law, then the planet Earth would be a better place.

People: But the scripture said you would fullfil all the prophecy in all religions.
Spirit King: But any words in your religions scripture said “how it will be fullfil? Or “the Messiah/Christ/Mahdi have to do exactly this or that?
Or even say “bring all the whole or a part of your religion book and other people must follow”?
People: So you are lieing to us, such a waste of time.
Spirit King: I am not lieing to anyone, I am just trying to help & teach all of you at the same time.

Ask yourself: “What is the point of living if all the problems is solve by other person”. Frankly that is the main reason why there is no such thing as powerful super beings appear from the Sky to help all of you.
It is always happier when you spending money you hard earned by yourself rather than by other people give it to you”.

But in order to prove my knowledge I will all of you some briefly about each major religions:
Jewish: Environment, eco friendly system.
Christian: Equality between everybody.

Islam: the Sun, the Moon, fasting.

Hindu & Buddhism: respect animal life, behavior, the exist of Spirit level.

Many religions book using a same tactic which is “do not finish and write the whole full meaning sentence”.
Example: from the West but from what angle, what is the starting point?

Or what time, how long, from where, etc.

That is a bang right there already, I am just tell you the gold location, now it up to all of you to show the whole planet who is the real “Goldigger” expert. It is all about who is stronger, who is faster, more importantly who is more effective, it is not about longer because the longer time you take only show you not as good as others, it is also not about deeper, you need the right angle to find the gold. #nextlevel

I think that is pretty much about religion for today, I strongly believe that there will some “expert” will show up and decode all your religions textbook.
The next subject will be about the whole planet system.

Opening [Gaia Spirit King Book 1]

Copy from the book

WOW, what a beautiful planet ! An old man said.

Who are you the old man? A group of people asked.
Old man: I am just a normal human just like all of you. What is the name of this planet, by the way.
People: History speaking it has a name as Gaia but now we all call is as planet Earth.

Old man: I was told by many beings that your planet has a lot of “treasure” & various life form. It is truth but base on my observing, human are destroying their own wonderful planet, how sad is that?
People: We are sad too, it all because of greed, selfish, money, power.

Old Man: Where is your Government?
People: we are just voted for them, paying tax & waiting for the correct solution to solve the problems we are facing today like climate change-global warming, natural disaster, economy, health, etc. But after many many years the situation is still the same or even worse.

Old Man: It is because your Government they are lacking vision, heart, knowledge, wisdom and the most important one they do not know what is their trully role and what they suppose to do?
People: Oh you may look old and ugly but you seem have potential right solution for us, can you talk more.

Old Man: In order to solve any kind of problems, you must know the correct problem firstly. The reason you talked previous is wrong.
People: What a dump stupid man!, if not because of greed, selfish, money, power then because of what?
Old Man: Because human “greed but not greed enough”, they are “selfish but not selfish enough”. If human reach the maximum level of greed and selfish, this planet would be come heaven planet, I have no doubt a about that.

People: What the hex are you talking about old man? The whole planet is chaos and crazy enough already and you said the solution is more greed, more selfish. What is your name old man?
Old Man: Well, I have many different names but the most well-known one is the Messiah in the bible.

People: Holy freaking the moly, you said you are the Messiah in the bible, the Mahdi in Islam, the Christ according Christians, the Kalki, Maitreya and many other name in other religions?
Old Man: Yes I am the long awaited one, but just call me as the Spirit King on Earth or Gaia so everyone can easy understand.

People: So you know the secret of immortal life? You can help Israel and the Jewish to build the thrid temple in Jerusalem? You will bring the Islamic to the global stage and all other people from other religions will have to follow? And many other things?

Old Man: Of course, I can easily healing all kind of diseases, sickness on Earth, I can easily decode and understand all the hidden meaning in all religions scripture textbook whenever I want. I can solve all the global problems in all continents, nations, cities.
Not only that, I have mastered both physical material and spirit level on Earth, that why hours ago after the new Moon at 4.12 am Tokyo, Japan time, 20-10-2017(the normal Earth calendar almost everybody is using), I became the Spirit King on Earth.

People: So please tell and help us now, we really need the correct solution right now.

Old Man: No problem, but first I have some briefy notices for all of you who are reading this “once in every zillion-times” book.

People: what are these?

Old Man:
1. You need to fully my characteristics so you cannot be deceived by any other beings.

I am seeking nothing, not money, not power, not war, not chaos, not follower, not signature and/or energy both at material & spirit level. Anyone do against that is the fake one because the real one must be the one seeking nothing since I already reached the state of enlightenment like your famous Buddha & others from the East.

2. You must tell and share it to every person you know both online and offline because without the actions, this book is just a “normal book”, because even with heaven perfect solution but without the real actions, it mean absolutely nothing!

3. You must sharing the book in purify/un-modify state, if you phrase or change words it can change the whole meaning. When you translate to any language, you must do it carefully so the meaning of the book is not change and everybody can easily understand.

People: Ok, we get it, when the “main event” start, we are very “horny” already? Sorry but what I mean is when you reveal your solution & knowledge to us?

Old Man: hahahaha, right now!