Mega “Ascension” Event Schedule, Earth Structure, History, Human, Aliens

Mega “Ascension” Event Schedule, Earth Structure, History, Human, Aliens

There are too much miss information out there, so I will have to share some “real truth” knowledge so everyone can be prepared for upcoming events on Earth.

Earth Structure: Big Circle Ball with many layers like famous Russian Doll. Most people who are reading this message is living on the Surface. While there are some place like the Hollow Earth where people can living in.

Earth History: Nobody know how many races & events has taken place on Earth. The previous Era has cause a lot of damage to planet Earth that is why we have the North Pole hole & the un-liveable Antarctica, Greenland & others. Most of the people from that stupid Era are living in the Hollow Earth (including human, half-human-half-animals & others) at the moment, they are not allowed to do a lot of things on the Earth surface unless the problem beyond current human race on Earth surface capability like dealing with “invade aliens group”. And they are waiting for the surface to discover them, and that is the only way for them to re-join the Earth surface. Many “rumour” said they have many “super ability” like telepathy, teleport, etc. But that doesn’t matter, red card is red card !

Races: There are many races on Earth at the moment, the good beings and the bad beings, but I divide it into 4 major groups:
1. Current Human Race: It is the humanity group we are familiar with.

2. Previous Era Beings: All beings from human, half-human-half-animal to others like the dragon, reptilians, bird, etc.
3. Invasion Aliens: The aliens who landed on Earth from 4000-5000 years ago to the present, the one who are trying control & take over planet Earth.
4. Observing Beings: This group are just observing planet Earth for fun, some races from this group are super advance & of course waiting Humanity to wake up to contact them in the future.

There is no such thing as racist, there is only familar & unfamilar just like “white” people want to live in “white” area, black with black, etc. There are many information online talk about the repilians but the question is are they from the previous era group or the invasion beings group? Either way, they are better to retreat & waiting humanity wake up & ready to contact them.

Ascension Event: Many are talking to this event and want to evolution. The truth about Ascension event is the time when humanity remember & care about the host Earth “stadium” host, so all the “traffic jam, congestion” can be removed. First humanity will discover the truth about how human body function really work, then to activate many ability like telepathy, teleport, fly, etc.

Global System Reset is coming next, and here is the schedule events & timeline:

2020: Global System Reset (Currency, Moral system, etc.).
2030: Human discover, understand how human body function, from that able to heal any sickness & able to live forever.

2040: Discover the Hollow Earth location & make contact with people who are living in that location (including human, half-human half-animals, etc.).

2050-2060: Start exploring the universe & make contact with other races/aliens.

That is the brief timeline & schedule, the event do not change but the timeline can be altered couple to several of years depend on humanity ready or not. Sometimes it is better to master Earth planet “stadium” first before to discover & contact other aliens race so there won’t be cheated because of the lack of knowledge & widsom.

I hope above information can help all the “stupid beings” understand & withdraw on the Earth surface including stoping all kind of stupid action like cloning, GMO, etc. It is just matter of time for humanity to know the truth, to know who are cheating them. Who are their friends who are their enemies. Do not mess with King’s Child, they are just kid now but when they grow up & become an adult, best of luck with your life! I repeat the problem of humanity is that they have not yet fully understand their body & Earth planet stadium.


Messiah – Udumbara Flower Holy King


Major update from Angel Team from 21-10 to 20-10, 2017

Major update from Angel Team

Base on all planet current situations.
I am going to change the date of the “Grand Invitation” from October 21st to October 20th, 2017.

The time from now on will base on Hong Kong timezone, because Hong Kong is the mix location between East and West, while New Zealand is the future, I thought too far ahead.
Datetime: Friday, 20-10-2017,

10:10(10.10am) to 20:20(8.20pm) – Hong Kong,

10:10pm(19-10-2017) to 8:20am(20-10-2017) – New York, USA,

3.10am to 1.20pm – London, United Kingdom,

2.10pm to 0.20am(21-10-2017) – New Zealand.

Other location convert see at:

Please understand that nothing is fixed in stone, I am doing and changing base on many many factors.

Thank you for reading,
Messiah – Mahdi – Christ – Kalki – Maitreya – Udumbara Flower Holy King

World War 3 at Spirit level update on October 16th 2017

World War 3 at Spirit level update on October 16th 2017

All the smoke you are seeing in your daily life like terrorism, Trump, Brexit, disclosure this and that are just for sleepy amateur beings cheering and observing.

The real World War 3 is at Spirit level. This is you can call clash in heaven. This is the update information directrly from Team 1, you cannot find this information else where.

Team 1: is team of “better humanity” – team of Holy King Messiah.
Team 2: is team of “against humanity” – team of cabal beings.
Team 2 was setuped a massive trap and tried a lot of tactics and tools to finding out the Messiah Holy King (me).
The most recently is bring and offer “Garbine Muguruza” a free fly in private jet to find me out since I tried connected to her.

The ugly result is they still couldn’t find me out because I have super layers of protection both at material and spirit level. I am not using any real “computer, pc or smartphone” to connect with them and when I deliveried my letters and messages.

I am using not only proxy at physical level but also at spirit level, some beings was encoded and receive my signature energy many years ago without even my aware. All of them are spread out in all nations at the moment. That is the main reason I still able to do what I need to do to help humanity and planet Earth from destruction.

You may or may not finally found my location and my identity on Earth yesterday, not because I let my guard down. It because I chose to not using any kind of proxy and to tell and let you verify me and all the stuffs I said before. I really want to give you the chance to receive the blessing from me staying and living in beautiful, harmony Earth life together.
To me all what is happening on Earth is just like a pre-life movie setup, I have absolutely nothing to gain on Earth since I already understand & reach the highest level of enlighttenment both at physical material & spirit level.

You may now know that the real incarnated of Goddness ISIS in Egypt, the only one Empress in China history: ,the Buddha or and Quan Yin just was born are all my relative as well.

Even the smoke fake 3 Emperors in 3 Kingdom you are making (Trump-Putin-Xi Jinping) only gave me some clue at first, but after I checked and verifed, my final answer is they are may be very powerful being but not the real 3 Emperors in Chinese history.

Do I know where are the real one? Of course I know can tell but for “pivacy”, I won’t tell you and never tell you unless they chose to reveal their identity, for if I tell you now I will violate a “spirit law”.

Not only 3 Emperors in Chinese history are here, but all the famous history beings like Jesus in Christian, Lord Krisna in Hindu, prophet Mohammed in Islam, etc. All are here, all are incarnated on Earth at this moment already. They are all waiting to celebrating and exploring Earth & Cosmos together under the law of [God of All Life] – bringing and delivering by the Messiah Udumbara-Flower Holy King.

I repeat that after the next New Moon at 4.12 am Japan time October 2017 (4 Earth days left), I will official become the Holy King on Earth at spirit level.

Many mythical beings will switch side and work directly with me. Many mythical beings I chose before incarnated here on Earth have permission and able read my mind and will receive my order and command without physical communication after that days. Even though I already told them at physical level how to “process” the “against humanity” group without violating any spirit and physical rule & law.

From tomorrow October 17th 2017. I am going to showing you what is the “highest level of ritual” suppose to be performed. I will perform that ritual to clear and free all the souls on Earth at all level.
There are more than 1 correct technique to clear and free all dead souls on Earth. The pathway you chose on “11-11-2017” is the wrong one, it only bring stupid thing.

I know and remember at least 3 now, all without any tools & machine & sacrifire:
1. “Time skip travel” to bring all the dead souls back to the gate 21-12-2012 (26 000 years).
2. “Converting negative to positive energy” by using real “number coding” (involve normal Vietnamnese born people).

3. I won’t tell you because it is the most powerful one.

All first 2 technique required and took 3 years 3 months 3 days (Earth calendar) to finish
While the most power took 1 day to 1 month (Earth calendar) – It really depend on various factors.

But I only perform first 2 techniques unless “special turn around event” make me change my mind and performing straight to the most powerful one 3.

The “special turn around event” is close Monsanto and announce and sorry to all humanity as a “fail testing & attemping” before the end of 18 October 2017 (Hong Kong time). After that time, nothing will change my mind, remember that. All will be processed by spirit law & rule.

This is my final update, blessing and warning to all “against humanity” groups & beings. I won’t talk about yor any futher unless “special turn around event” made by you.



Messiah – Christ – Mahdi – Meitreya – Kalki – Udumbara Flower Holy King

Grand Final Blessing & Warning to the Top Tier Cabal

Grand Final Blessing & Warning to the Top Tier Cabal

Hi the Top Tier Cabal,
This is the grand final blessing & warning to all the cabal no matter what tier are they. This is your last chance. If you missed any of my letter, you must read it now, here are the letters collection:
If the top tier cabal is level 1 in a pyramid, then all the nation Government is level 5 at least. That tell you how deep I understand about you.
Many of you are having a lot of questions about me the Messiah Holy King like
“How is that even possible, we have a lot of tools, we have tracked many if not the whole planet beings since they was born, we have tracked all kind of people mediation, spirit guru master, websites, etc. it is impossible”.

You may able to “spot” or even “recall” the greatest Emperor in 3 Kingdom period history as Donald Trump. I don’t think I need to go that deep since all of you already understand the super talent ability of me. Or the term “Ultra Instinct” in Dragon Ball Super Japanese anime.

Now you may say “Oh my oh my, we need that ability – ability even many Gods want and cannot even reached, we must track every single move of him or even kill him and his relative”.

Well, life is not that way, life is much more complicated at spirit level. All of you are following the WRONG path to heaven and never ever able to reach the status of enlightenment or Buddha state. Because you have been doing a lot of wrong things because you have not yet fully understand spirit rule & law, because simply you have not yet found the right master teacher !

In the Grand Cosmos, I am the best master teacher you will able to find, there is no better teacher than me, at maximum there may be someone comparable with me, that tell how lucky you are right now. You are given the golden chance, a blessing but do you able to capture that moment or not it is up to you now.

There are still few days left for you change the direction, change the pathway from wrong to the absolutely correct pathway, the pathway to heaven to enlightenment.

I am telling this what Buddha did was the easy beginner amateur path to enlightenment, which is meditation. There is another way, and I did that way on Earth, that why you cannot even detect me even with many tools, technology.

I will reveal and given the material physical solution on October 21st 2017, but I will not reveal much about spirit rule & law except some basic law like “law of live”.

The only way for you to able receive that blessing is to surrender now, you must close Monsanto company and appology to humanity as a fail attempt before the next new Moon on October 20th 2017.

After that timeline, I will do and play the game beautifuly to clean planet Earth to the “perfect crystal clear” state, then I can freely able to reveal the secret of a lot of things both in material and physical at moderate level. Since if I given everything I knew then there is no purpose of like for other beings here.

That is the main reason why you did not see some kind of more powerful beings than you down from heaven to Earth because of that. It is not because of free will planet, it is because of there is no more purpose life left for all other beings when that event appear.

After the next full Moon on October 20th 2017, all the mytical beings will wake up, switch side to the Holy King side. Some of mytical beings are toying with everybody for fun because they are quite boring and waiting for the Holy King return, they know who is their best friend and best hope.
The date is set, it is not writen by somebody, it was writen in number, words. The reason I knew it was the time and my real identity is because I can able to master and decode it from at least 4-5 generation and the people nearby. All the events in my whole life conclude only 1 thing, I am the Udumbara-Flower Holy King, there is no freaking other way, I willing to stand will all the fake one in front of all the Dragon and other mythical beings to “test’ if needed.

In conclusion, the end time is hear, all your actions before will be forgiven as “unknow unmature knowledge” in spirit rules, but after my deadline 18th October, all will seem be a done deal, no turning back. I dont care what your background, what your looklike, what planet you came from.
I want at least 24 hours silent and joy before the events, do not make decision at the last minute like football transaction window, nobody even the mythical beings like that kind of actions.
1 gate to heaven, 1 gate to hell, both are free, the choice is yours.


Messiah – Mahdi – Kalki – Meitreya – Christ – Udumbara Flower Holy King

Dangerous Scary Warning to all Spiritual/Underground Websites – All of you violating spirit law

Dangerous Scary Warning to all Spiritual/Underground Websites – All of you violating spirit law
Hi all the spiritual/undergaround websites, channels, forum, portal, etc.

This is not a joke or a bluff letter, if you do not take it serious, I am not sure if your life can be saved in the future or not.

Many of you know the real battle on planet Earth now is at Spirit level not at material physical like mainstream media are reporting since they only designed to talk with un-aware human.
Many if not all of you are following some kind of order and group, all of you are choosing the losing team. The only winning team in this Spirit Earth battle is team of the Messiah Holy King.

You are preventing the appear and recognize of me as the Holy King. You do not even report as a “potenial rumour Messiah” and my letters so your reader can have a better vision and picture.
You may say I do not violating physical law since “I am the owner/founder of this website/channel”. But here is the spirit law you are violating:
“Lieing/Deceiving”: your own reader supporting your website, without them all of you is nothing, you knew that but still deceiving/lieing them.

“Aganist Humanity”: Many of you are intent or un-intentional wage war against me and many many powerful beings, and the whole planet Earth. What if all of them very soon will finding you received a warning letter from the Holy King but still do nothing? You will get 10 times return damges at least.

I only giving all of you that last chance, all of you must report fair even “it is just the rumour” to let your readers a chance to learning/evolving. That Dead time line is at the end of October 15th, 2017 your local time. After that timeline if there is nothing happen but one out of many channel reporting news about me, you know you still violating the “spirit timeline law”.

After next few days, I am not only focus on spirit/underground channel, I will make all the mainstream media reporting about me.

Remember this: I can spot real powerful angel/famous historic beings in human form, I can easily spot the fake and the real one.

You still be given about 1-2 days to changing to the winning team, because very soon the whole planet will know the truth. All the huricane and flood is like a peanut in a beautiful forest.

My advice and recommendation for all of you is start posting all the Major Letter from website or . The last 2 Major Letter 7 & 8 is the most powerful one and everybody must listen and read, that is the real report in spirit battle no any single website/blog knew about except my website and other copy post elsewhere.

Nothing happen by chance, everything happen for a reason. All what you are witnessing is was all prelife event setup by the most powerful beings in the Grand Cosmos.

Good Luck and Have Fun!
Messiah – Christ – Meitreya – Mahdi – Kalki – Holy King