Support & help free all the souls on Earth from the biggining

Support & help free all the souls on Earth from the biggining

I am the Spirit Holy King on Earth. I am performing and try to help free all the souls on Earth to the Cosmos from the biggining.
The 21-12-2012 gateway is going to open after next New Moon at 4.12 am (Tokyo Japan time) on 20-10-2017(Gregorian Earth calendar) and close after 34 new Moons and 3 days.

If you want to support and help all the victim trapped souls who still in any continents, please write 1 comment from your heart to amplify and help them get through the gateway. Please do it with your heart, you can write in any language.

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Please share it to your friends, families, teams, clubs, fans, etc. in both online and offline.

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Free Healing Treatment for all kind of sickness include cancer in 30 days

You are blessed to see and read this letter because the offer will off at 10 pm on October 17th, 2017 your local time (only about 5 days from now).

In one of my previous article I already said I can heal all kind of sickness and diseases. Now before the “spirit law return day”, I am offering all of you 1-on-1 healing treatment by 100% natural methods, no drug no medicine or any kind of ritual.

I don’t care what your problem is since I can easily healing the “hardest” cancer within 30 days, the rest should be easy. Any health problem you have I will just heal.

Do not listen and trust so call “doctor” with some kind of “man-made-degree”, no body can you what you feel inside your body except you. Do not trust the doctor tell you have some kind of disease while you feeling much much better after my healing treatment (just 4-5 days you will know I am the real master healer or not).

The doctor and science do not know and discover how human body truly function it yet because if they really know, human body should not die unless they chose. Do you know anybody have some problem “lack of protein”, unless they are lack of foods like African people.

Now it is all up to you, after 10 pm 10-17-2017 your local time. I will not provide any kind of healing even if you’re celebrity, president with billions money. If I provide I would given to all the public.
But I have some conditions:

– All the email/conversations with me must in private and you do not allow to share it with anybody except your close family (also tell them do not tell to anyone).
– You must have your real profile and picture and 30 second video show your face and your whole body(of couse with your cloths), so I can know your real condition.

– You are allowed to share the blog link on twitter/facebook to your friend.

This is an agreement base on trust and spirit law, if any of you try to take advantage of and do commercial or any kind of influence, you will receive heavy punishment for everything is recorded in big cosmos library.

In you interested in then please fill the application and send it to “done”
Full Name:

Online Profile if have:
Health problem and condition: Tell your problem and condition.
You daily routine: Example work, play, etc.
Daily diet:

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Messiah – Kalki – Meitreya – Mahdi – Christ