King Solution 19: Putin – Xi Jinping – Trump are going to make Huge Announcement & press “Unify” button very soon

King Solution 19: Putin – Xi Jinping – Trump are going to make Huge Announcement & press “Unify” button very soon

Same story just like 3 Kingdom “history movie”, but now the stage is just bigger and it going to cover the whole Earth planet. This is the content of that new movie all of will going to listen and repeat to the media very soon (from now to 31/01/2018, within 18 days from now):

1. Putin – Leader of Russia is going to call a All Earth Peace Union (AEPU), any nation join Russia will be protected with the best military including Nuclear. The detail of the AEPU I already provide long ago.

2. Xi Jinping – Leader of China will make an annoucement something like dreaming-in-heaven contents:

+ China will join Russia & urge all Nations including North Korea join as well.

+ If North Korea & South Korea join, & unify become Korea, then each citizens will receive amount of money equal 2 years of average income of a normal South Korea citizen in 2017 & unlimited amount of dates fruits. Most likely including Zimbabwe money buying as well.

+ Plan from 1.1.2020, China going to use 100% land-backed money where each citizens will receive a same portion of Bank, Water, Electric, Telecom/Internet, and nobody is allowed to buy & sell that “share”.

+ In transition period, China will issues new temporary currency to combat & remove all the corruption, bad people. Tell that in your face public so the people will understand the situation, do not playing game. The detail of this transition I already provided in previous article.

+ Ask United States to join & offer “remove 8 trillions debt” USD if US join AEPU & disband NATO, 8 trillion USD if the US go land-backed money by 1.1.2020.

3. Donald Trump – Leader of United States will most likely issues new rule about the media & others like force all display truth/rumor/opinion, etc. Like I already said before.

+ And will agree to take that offer because US location surround by sea no Nation can attack, it just waste of money of continue NATO.

+ After listening the “each citizens own each share in Bank, Water, Electric, Telecom/Internet”, the US public mostly agree.

+ I like the idea but I love war, so what about having a business war where each Nation can settle land of each nation (if have debt)?

All the announcement should be made within 24 hour.

Soon many Nations inlcuding the one have nuclear & in sanction like North Korea, Iran, Ukraine will join and their restrictions will be removed automatic.

Above is the perfect best scenario you can have with current Earth situation. Everything will be revealed, the bad guy bad nation will have to type “GG WP”.

If there is no new Global Currency Reset real public action before or on 16/01/2018, I will close the website & never sharing any information anymore.

This is my final post in King Solution series if there is no public news about the Zimbabwe Money buying & the Global Currency Reset before next new Moon (5 days). I want it get done ASAP for even Chinese Lunar Calendar is wrong, the perfect Earth Calendar there is only 360 days per year & all lunar month have 30 days.

Have Fun & Enjoy the Events !

The Moon Calling – The Sun Hearing – The Gods of Destruction – The Master of Creation – The King of Evolution


The Mysterious Nature


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I do not want to show off as the Messiah or Spirit King on mainstream media and/or tv.


New Requirement for high-networth Zimbabwe ZWR Currency Holder

New Requirement for high-networth Zimbabwe ZWR Currency Holder

In my previous article , I already mention there will be at least 4 major type of Zimbabwe currency programs/buyers. Here are some major update & requirement for maximum protection & more filter:

All Zimbabwe currency holder who in category 3 & 4 (receive more than 20 million GBP value) going to have:

1. Travel to China to verify their history & identification with a group of person who have ability to see & talk with spirit beings. So that who lie who not, who have been “hjacked” will be revealed.

2. All have to open account at HSBC and/or Bank of China for major using (money will have come to this bank first, then transfer to you local bank, it is up to you).

3. The maximum amount you will receive before you travel to China & verify your identify is 20 million GBP value.

4. All who have verified and pass will receive a BOSS bank account at Bank of China. A account who show your real $$$ number you own. And that account will be top security, only few high moral people will able to touch and transfer that fund of that account (most likely server will locate in Chinese Government).

You will only allow to withdraw from that account 1 time per lunar month, and the amount is limited to 100 million GBP value.

You can still withdrawal whatever amount you want ANYTIME if you have a real reason: example buying land, setup a company, building hotel using natural material, etc. But you MUST travel in person to some specific location in China-HongKong-Vietnam to perform that request. (That location you will only know if you travel to China to verify you identity).

The time limit for in-person identity verification is 12 lunar month only, will end in 2019.

The time of using & requesting funds is unlimited.

The reason to choose China is for maximum protection & security. China Government just issues 5-10 years visa program, so I hope the group going to buy the Zimbabwe will send a guide how to fill the the visa application to by pass easily.

@About Debt-Jubilee: I heard that some group want to remove all debt forever on Earth but I do not agree. If you remove debt, they will keep spending money for stupid thing & stuff => The Earth will false more quickly, Ice Age will come sooner. But you can set the interest rate to 0%.

You need to start Zimbabwe buying program quickly, so all the best people on Earth will gather in China to assist & give their opinion/advice about Global Earth issues. It is very hard to giving advice without know the real number & problems.

Good Luck Have Fun !!!

There will be at least 4 Zimbabwe Money Note buyers/programs

There will be at least 4 Zimbabwe Money Note buyers/programs

There will be more than 1 Zimbabwe-Money-Note-buyer, that is 100% sure. It could be any “entity” on Earth. It could be real, it could be fake, so best of luck.

But there will be only 4 type of outcome reward:

1.0 or close to 0$

Requirement: None

2. Few millions GBP per person at maximum
Requirement: None, but you have to choose the real buyer !

3. Millions to Billions/Trillion GBP per person
Requirement: Have a “good lottery ticket”, example date of birth, full 4 set 10-20-50-100 Trillions, groups of 4 (your family), etc. And of course you need to choose the real buyer as well.

4. Billion to Trillions GBP per person
Requirement: Have to pass a set of question to show your knowledge & wisdom. It could be both physical & spiritual question, and even the Search Engine cannot help you to answer that type of question.

Category 1, 2: do not have to sign anything.

But who pass & in category 3, 4 have to sign a agreement similar like:

– Limit amount of money allowed to put into the stock market (example 1 billion or something like that).

– Maximum wage give out to a person not more than 100 times of minimum wage of that local Nation.

– Do not allow to laundering money to others.

– Do not allowed to join/form any secret society with purpose of control others or have anything negative. Frankly most if not all “secret group” in all industries are formed to cheating the public for personal gain & other negative.
+ 1st time will get warning & have a allow angel spirit follow to collect evidence.

+ 2nd time, after the warning & the evidence from “angel spirit” , pay 50% reward back.

+ 3rd time, if still continute then have to pay all the money back.

Evidence can easily just time & action you took.

That is just the example, the agreement will only apply to some person who have billion to trillions money category. 99.99% of Earth human & Zimbabwe holder is not ready & able to control money in perfect manner!!! That is why there will be many “illusion” in this Zimbabwe Money Note buying event.

Do not ask me any question for I do not answer anymore.

Good Luck, Have Fun !

King Solution 18: Who & What Nation Will Press the Global Currency Reset (Unify) Button & Receive Money ?

King Solution 18: Who & What Nation Will Press the Global Currency Reset (Unify) Button & Receive Money ?

The hardest job on Earth is not making Zillion dollars, for it is just way too easy. The hardest one is how to change the system to combat all kind of enemies at the same time: the aliens, the stupid bad people who are seeding GMO, drugs, etc., the greed of the public, the religions divide.

The Asia, Africa, South Africa are all waiting for the United States & Europe to clean their internal issues even though it is not critical for “third world countries” but for the US & Europe citizens.

But the time is limit, can Donald Trump & Europe finish their own problems or not it doesn’t matter. Asia & Africa does not need the “debt money” from the US & Europe. Will Donald Trump announce “All Earth Peace Union” soon or not, it is just a plus to maximum the effect. Otherwise there will always a perfect back up plan & it would be much more fun & entertainment. I already provided “Donald Trump” scenario, but here is a perfect scenario the Asia & Africa can use:

*** Breaking news: A Group of Elders from Zimbabwe, China, Vietnam, Khmer or Malaysia, Indonesia just “discovered” 2000 Trillions GBP worth of Gold, Silver, Diamonds. They want to “share” with everybody so they will:

*Batch 1:

1. Buy Zimbabwe with the guide like at

2. If both North Korea & South Korea unify and merge into Korea nation only:

– Give away each Korea citizens 2 x (average South Korea people income (2017 number), around 10,000 GBP now & pay over 2 year 2018-2019 period (2 times each year).

– Will have extra 7 times (70 years divide) more if people have their relative are living in 2 different part North & South (so maximum will receive 9 times, while normal people will receive 2 times x average of South Korea person income).

– Of course there will be some condition like: print brand new Korea currency, 2 years “trial test” period where each North & South Korea leader still the same like at the moment. There will be new election at the end of 2019, the new capital city will somewhere between the current North & South Korea border.


That is all for first batch, if you want more entertainment then let Kim Jong Un made that announcement that he just receive a offer from a Elder groups. All Zimbabwe money note holder will receive a token by submiting to North Korea Government website only (#for real?), who even trust that stupid idea, nonsense?
Extra fun: a new Panama/UK/US finance company also announce will buying all Zimbabwe money note at “face value”, and will pay via “hottest crypto currency”. (“what is hottest meaning here depend on each person? Who know, stupid guy will think that is the bitcoin, but you can create new fiat coin have the largest number and it is the hottest”).

That is a way to filter the stupid-illusion guy & the smart guy.


*Batch 2:

1. Buying Zimbabwe continue but this will be the last one (more detail I will provide later)
2. Give a way all Nations suffer war & sanction after WW2 with follow formula:

Normal Nations: Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, a part of Khmer people living in Thailand/China, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Cuba
Reward for each citizen: Average year income of that Nation x 2 times, payout in 2018 & 2019 (should only pay via banks get Government support only 2 times each year).
Reward of each Nation Government: 1 trillions GBP. Payout over 2 year with condition that Nation have to reduce 50% oil-gas mining in that period.

Special Nations: Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria

Reward for citizens:
+ Each family will receive a 2 bed-room house made by 100% hempcrete and/or bamboo natural material.

+ Unlimited amount of organic coconut & dates fruit for 2 years.

+ 10,000 GBP each year for 2 year period 2018 & 2019.
Reward of each Nation Government: 2 trillions GBP. Payout over 2 year with condition that Nation have to reduce 75% oil-gas mining in that period.

All the refuge people can come home from Europe and still able receive above reward if they return before the end of 2019. Of course they must able to speak local language to verify their identity.


Building house material: hemp & lemon & bamboo will buy from Russia & some Nation who suffer war & sanction with 2 times higher than the market price.

Dates fruit & Coconut will buy from OPEC oild nations with 2 times higher than market price.

1 for the real market & 1 for buying oil but do not reiceve it, so OPEC & Russia stop mining that “portion”.


That is the plan, so people will start using natural building structure like hempcrete now for it is much cheaper, stronger & more eco friendly (of course there are many other natural plant can be used in building but now hemp are the most popular one & available right now).

Dates & Coconut are the most under-value fruit on the planet at the moment so, kids will stop eat candy & soft drink if you give them dates instead. I hope the Arab-Middle East nations can reduce oil mining & plant more dates fruit.

In order to reduce oil-gas, you must build more free or close to free public transport run by electric. Only producing electric car/motorbike from now. Oil-gas should only be used for reserve back-up plan energy for machine like plane/boat. Of course the ultimate way is using Horse to transfer within the city if you can master it #wtf?


About the European Union (EU)
The EU can only survive if they start from 0 which is remove all rule & law, only keep free trading & movement, each nation will contribute 20 million Euro each year as management fee that is. There is no other way since the language & culture of each Nation in the EU are too different.

What topic next? Global new International Passport/ID standard, perfect money & moral system allow everybody to travel all around the world without visa but as long as they meet the requirement!?
Hold your beer, it is too fast too furious already. It is just waste of time to share now, but I will only share after next few weeks if the Global Currency Reset & the Zimbabwe money note buying start before 16/01/2018 (14 days from now).

If there is no new Global Currency Reset real public action before or on 16/01/2018, I will close the website & never sharing any information anymore.

Good Luck & Happy New Year 2018 !

The Moon Calling – The Sun Hearing – The Gods of Destruction – The Master of Creation – The King of Evolution


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I allow any body/group use the content above to anywhere but do not change the meaning/purpose

& have any kind of commercial at both physical & spirit level, and must use the writer nickname as

The Mysterious Nature” or “Udumbara Flower King”. And do not have to write the website address location.

I do not want to show off as the Messiah or Spirit King on mainstream media and/or tv.

King Solution 17: Real Nation Power Ranking Metric: Weather, Climate, Citizen

King Solution 17: Real Nation Power Ranking Metric: Weather, Climate, Citizen

Many Nations are using GDP, military, illusion number to show off their power, but all of them are just rubbish & deadly wrong. If you want to know who is the most powerful Nation on the planet, who is the most “poor” Nation, you just need to check and use the following guide. You need to count the present but also the future.

1. Name, Flag

Name, flag are just illusion & does not mean anything at highest level of , but here on Earth it means a lot. It shows whether or not that Nation really dependent or not, do that Nation rely on others?

Before we use real metric, all Nations below should out of the ranking list:

*Name: The name have direction including like North, South, West, East because it tell you that Nation belong or rely on other Nation nearby.

North Korea & South Korea => should unify & become Korea because both speak the same language & culture

Vietnam => should change name to Viet Great (Dai Viet) because the current name mean there are just a bunch of idiot folks in the South of China. But if they can change the name back to Dai Viet (Viet Great), it has much more powerful meaning & really show their independent.

South Sudan => should merge with Sudan or change to another name completely.

– Czech Republic => should change name to Czech only.

– Vatican City => should disband & become a county/district of Rome, Italia. It is not even a city let alone a Nation.
And so on, there are many Nations in this category & they know their best than me or anybody else outside, it is their land & it is their choice.

All other Nations have name including keyword like “Republic, Democratic, Island, Saint” should merge with other or change their name. Example: British Virgin Island, Cayman Islands, etc.

*Flag: The flag is the symbol of any Nation, it is should case their knowledge but also show their idependent as well. Many Nations have flag including other Nations Flag (mostly the UK, France flag) should remove or change to the new one.

Example: Australia, New Zealand, etc.

I have to idea who & how they get the job done but I already provide the best method which is declare Global Money & Land War, where it will force all Nations have a look back at their land, their flag, their name & other issues.

2. Weather, Climate

How much power a big size Nation like Russia, Green Land, Canada worth now? Frankly does not have much or in some case it really worthless. Why? Because if all Nations stop all kind of selling Goods espeacilly Foods then all the Nation living in cold climate is going to die forever, for most of them are now rely heavy on Foods import. You can live without oil, machine, computer, etc. But you cannot live without Foods (at least with current normal human body, for maybe somehow in the future they can digest snow & air completely ?!).

The sad part is many Nation in Europe & North America do not understand that, and they are trying to cheating other Nation in tropical area like Asia, South America, Africa.

Some group of stupid people even trying to control by depolution using GMO, drug, etc. Do they even know that if all their land got frozen like in Greenland, who the hex are they control? Maybe some penguin, bears.

Example: Just look at their cold weather in the United States, Canada, Europe, is that good or agriculture & daily life?

So the most powerful Nations on Earth are the Nation have plenty of Natural Foods & mostly in tropical climate?

The answer is yes & no at the same time.

Yes if they value their land & stop all kind of GMO, pesticide, drugs made by artifical chemical. And educate their citizens about the real power of Foods, Plants & Nature, for many people in the “tropical climate” are too stupid including their Government. Despite the fact that I already provided the solution & tell the truth about Climate Change about 1 month ago but no any Nation show any sign of changing at all.

No if they continue trading Foods for technology, machine at “under-value price”. And do not listen to my advice.

Example: Just look at Mexico, how many Earthquake they got everyday at present? A lot because the storm, flood could not reach their “toxic land” so the Earth strike back by the hardest method which is Earthquake.

The same method (earthquake) many Nation in East Asia like China, Vietnam, Thailand is also going to receive in the future for their land is full of toxin as well. The Earth recently sending a big storm through Philippines but could not reach the mainland East Asia. If only the Philippines Nation listen to my advice, they would never ever receive anything like that again, but the chance they listen and apply the policy I already provided is too small.

The real number one Nation Power on Earth is the Bhutan. For they are heading to 100% organic natural foods while many other Nation still not even ban GMO crops. If your Nation can self-supply Foods & Cloth, House by 100% organic natural material then your Nation has a very strong pile into the future & ready to become a phoenix/dragon soon on Earth.

Remember again, technology on Earth just at “baby test” level, it not even have a perfect Operating System yet let alone other softwares run on it !!!

And Earth Planet will never give your Nation storm, flood, earthquake if you play by her rule, even if your Nation in “the storming way” to “toxic land”, they will by pass & using Earthquake method instead to the “toxic land”.

3. Citizens, System

The last metric & factor is the Citizen Life & the System of that Nation. Many Nation using this or that system, I do not care for many they think “they know & are doing the best for their Nation interest”.

But the truth that is many Nations are scare & do not allow their citizens tell their “wrong, their incorrect, mistake, etc” in the public. If your system your Government & what are you doing are perfect correct, there won’t be any complain from your citizens for they are just waste of time & energy for them. Many corrupt Nation in “tropical zone” even using method “fake corruption catch” for the public or a lot of other way, how sad & stupid is that?

Who care about the illusion “International status” if you are the real leader. What the most important is the citizens quality life including freedoom of speech, eating organic natual foods, living in clean environment & have a fair transparency system.

New year 2018 is coming soon, here is the gift from me: If you want to verify “frozen, cold weather is just a clearning action of Earth”, you just need to ask the people who are living in tropicial city but have 2 season Summer & Winter. Go & ask them how they feel in the Summer & Winter, which season they feel more comfortable, have more energy & what are not. I can guarantee 100% the answer from 99% is Winter season.

Another method is just look at all the “small islands” in tropical climate zone, do they have winter season? Or only hot summer.

Above real life evidence is more than enough to debate any stupid “scientists, professors, media, blabla” about Climate Change.

My personal deadline for the Global Currency Reset & the Zimbabwe Money note buying still 16/01/2018 (15 days from now). Donald Trump & the Elders must act & do quick, I already provided too many value information on my book (part 1, 2, 3) & in all the King Solution series, you can just using it & said in the dream meeting Messiah, blabla. That is the fastest way to healing this planet.

If there is no new Global Currency Reset real public action before or on 16/01/2018, I will close the website & never sharing any information anymore.

Good Luck & Happy New Year 2018 !

The Moon Calling – The Sun Hearing – The Gods of Destruction – The Master of Creation – The King of Evolution


The Mysterious Nature


I allow any body/group use the content above to anywhere but do not change the meaning/purpose

& have any kind of commercial at both physical & spirit level, and must use the writer nickname as

The Mysterious Nature” or “Udumbara Flower King”. And do not have to write the website address location.

I do not want to show off as the Messiah or Spirit King on mainstream media and/or tv.

King Solution 16: GCR Erupt – Basic Rule & Law of Using Powerful Land-backed Money Note

King Solution 16: GCR EruptBasic Rule & Law of Using Powerful Land-backed Money Note

This is the final 4 our of 4 article about Creating & Using Land-Backed Money Note. The Rule & Law of using land-backed money note must be decided by the people of that land, not by anyone else outside.

I already gave away many tips & rules in my previous articles in the King Solution epic series. This

final one is no exception, so here are some of my suggestion about rule & law of using powerful land-backed money note:
0. The golden rule is transparency, as detail as possible in buy/sell/trade. All rules like no GMO, pesticides, respect land, natural, animals I already provided before so I do not repeat in this article.
1. All the mining/selling/buying company land resources like water, metals, stone, crystal must be processed by the Nation Government company, and each “share/portion” of that company is owned by each person of that land & nobody is allowed to sell or transfer that “share/portion” to any entity.

So the profit each year of that company will be share & divide equality to all people of that land (example person > 12 years old or 18 years old or what ever age).

2. Setup/Merge to only 1, 2 or 4 money banks depend on the size of each Nation. Just like above, each that Bank Money company who are handling the land-lacked money note should be own by 1 “central bank company” where each share also belong to each citizens of that Nation. So there is no major shareholder anymore, but there may be some good manager/advisors.

3. Many essential company should be merge into 1 or 2 big company only like electric, telecom/communication/internet, like above each shareholder is each citizen and nobody is allowed to sell/transfer their share.

4. In business, the world “Natural” is only allowed to use if that products/goods/foods are contain 100% natural ingredient (exist from thousands of year) including the box/cover, no any kind of artifical chemicals even 0.01%.

5. All Foods/Products of all kind including import/exports must show % of artifical chemical on that & more detail about that. Example the GMO crop/foods are 100% artifical ingredient, no question about that. The artifical chemical never able to compete with natural one because they were not created in perfection way, they are lacking a lot like the “aura field” & others.

6. All Goods/Products company must label “Maker or Reseller”. There are many raw maker companies are being abused & not get reward what they deserve. There are many company just label/rebrand, hiring celebrities & sell with high price without basicaly doing nothing.

7. All Goods/Products company must show the true “Cost of the raw production”, not including hiring anything including employee/marketing/housing, etc. All real companies have that number. The only exception goods are the raw material raw organic foods & vegetables, metals, stones.

With just above rules, there will be more job & people will spread through across all cities/states. There won be stupid high price because of “location” unless of course the buyer is really rich or stupid.

8. Restrict/Limit of using land-backed money to buying/trading non-physical goods like video games/software/music/movies/casino, betting, gambling. It is up to each Nation Goverment for I really want to see the diversity instead of robot system. Example all the seller/developer must allow buyer to sell back the items at anytime as long as the products/items still being sell by that seller in the market (the price sell back must be at least 50% to 100%), allow all buyer trading with any other users without any restriction about price/location/nation, etc.

If that type of rule is applied, all the casino/betting website/company will gone, for the loser gambler can ask money back at anytime legally #NiceMove.

9. All Nation Government must have tranparency policy & structure where any citizens can see & report corrupt people. The Government must work with citizens not any other ways for citizens are their boss.

10. The Tax & Company must be more simple & fair for everybody. The Nation Government must have company type can compete with Offshore company type, where there is no show of CEO/Shareholder on the public unless they are violating any kind of laws, for many smart/knowledge people want the privacy, that is one way to attract high level player to help the Nation.

11. The Nation Government should only collect 2 type of tax: income tax & sale tax. No other function like pension or child credit or anything else stupid. And in that tax type, there should be in-Nation tax for people & company living in the Nation, and out-Nation for companies selling goods/products/service into the land.

12. The sale tax rate should base on the level of “recycle-able” of the goods. Organic Natural Foods tax 0%. If Foods contain 0.01% to 1% artificial chemical then 10% sale tax, 1% to 2% then 20% sale tax & so on. The Goods/Products made by plants/tree natural like cloth, bag should start from 0- 5%, while the products made from metals like machine, electric device should tax from 10-20%, it depends on each Nation. Because the more artificial chemicals involve the harder to recycle especially the one made with metals.

13. The income tax should be fair & easy, so there should only 1 tax bracket for both personal & company type, and the “standard mock” here should base on minimum wage. Here is an example:

1. Minimum wage * 4 (hours) * 360 (days): 1% (if minimum wage is $10, then total income is $14400).
2. Minimum wage * 8 (hours) * 360 (days): 2%

3. Minimum wage * 16 (hours) * 360 (days): 5%

4. Minimum wage * 24 (hours) * 360 (days): 10%

so on…

The maximum tax rate should be only 50%, unless you using “special company type” where volunteer paying more than 50%.

14. After collecting all kind of tax, the Nation Government need to see & check if the number is enough for their total spending money (example Y number). If there is need more money, then force the high earning companies & individual to pay the fair number base on their net profit of each company. The formula should up to each Nation Government but do not allow collect money from the average person, for it will cause inflation (slow down the flow of the money river).

15. There should be maximum 4% interest per year apply to all credit card/lenders/borrowers, etc. You can only continue use Credit Card or borrow more money if you already pay all the debt from at least 60 days. So if you have not yet pay the debt 3 months ago, no more using credit card.

16. The Nation ID/Passport should have 2 field name: Parrents Given Name & Preferred Call Name, so everybody can choose their prefer name or nickname in anykind of langauge (should using English character). Everybody from 12-15 years old should allow to open new bank account.

That is just some of my suggestion base on the current situation I know via “online news”, I am not incharged of any real Nation so it is very difficult to fully understand what the hex are they doing. The final decision about rule & law of the land must voted by the people of the land not me or any Gods, Angels, etc.

To all Nation leaders: get the job done quick & I will release the secret of immortal life, how human body function/work, what happen when body get sick, heart attack, blabla everything so everybody can become the doctor of their own. I am not bluffed that I know how to live forever & able to healing any kind of sickness without any machince device !!!

If Donald Trump agree, I can send him the receipe to lose 15-20 kg weight in 30 days.

I highly recommend everybody eating dried organic dates, drinking green leafty green like blend organic mugwort, kale, spinach, cilandtro/corriender (if anyone drink 2-3 cup of blend green leafty, you will know & see the small magic”), bathtub or swimming 1-2 hours per day. Do not taking any kind of drugs or eating “package foods”. If you craving sweet foods, drink coconut water + dates fruit, cherry (of course using organic if possible).

I think that is enough information for all Nation Leaders kick off the Global Currency Reset from 1.1.2018. Military checked, information for the public checked, solution to unmask the bad guys checked, there is absolutely no any other reason left.

The Global Currency Reset must start right now !!!

The Moon Calling – The Sun Hearing – The Gods of Destruction – The Master of Creation – The King of Evolution


The Mysterious Nature


I allow any body/group use the content above to anywhere but do not change the meaning/purpose

& have any kind of commercial at both physical & spirit level, and must use the writer nickname as

The Mysterious Nature” or “Udumbara Flower King”. And do not have to write the website address location.

I do not want to show off as the Messiah or Spirit King on mainstream media and/or tv.

King Solution 14: GCR Heatup – How to co-Creating Powerful Land-backed Money Note

King Solution 14: GCR HeatupHow to co-Creating Powerful Land-backed Money Note

No matter what happen in the current politics Government around the world, there are always “free” Government. I do not know what strategy will be playout, it could be “Journey to the West” from East or all out.
But one thing for sure, this Global Reset is not just only Money & Currency, it is about reset everything from Agriculture to building material, clothing, wearing to technology, machines. I do not see any perfection products on Earth at the moment yet, especially technology section. You just need to look at the Operating System (OS) of computer device, it still required to debug/fix. A perfect product never need to do thing like that.

So I will release part 3 & 4 this year 2017, so all the Nation Government can have time to prepare, analyze & do research, for most people who are in charge any Nation Government are not smart enough.

How to co-Creating land-back money is each Nation citizens job, but I still give some of my suggestions, use or not it up to them, but there are still some “must” rules every Nation have to follow. There are:
1. Respect Nature, Land, Plants & Animals.
2. Land-backed money note material must be made from plants (cotton, hemp, etc.) & minerals (gold, silver, broze, etc.), depends on each Nation resources. No artifical chemical is allowed.

3. No “historic face” or any artifical building/structures (unless that building is iconic and got approved by the citizens).

4. Must have at least 4 major color represent: Fire, Water, Earth-Land, Sky which are red, blue, green, white.

5. The pictures on the money note must represent whole Nation, so all the Natural pictures must get approved by citizens, it is best to get each states/city 1 beautiful natural place.

6. All land-backed money note must have same size & weight & quality no matter what their value.

7. The quantity of each Note must be the same. Example 1 million notes of each $1, 2, 3, 4, to 1000.

8. All the land-backed money note have to get final approved by atleast 90% citizens of that Nation.

9. All people will get 1 to 2 set land-backed money for free after released(number of set depends on each Nation).

Here are some other suggestion (not must follow):
– Note value: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 20, 25, 50, 100, (200, 250, 500, 1000)

Because some Nation will remove their coin (cent, pence) so it is better to have full range from 1 to 9. It could be used for education (math especially kids), for fun for entertainment.

– Note Size: the number should be related to something like Nation size, average height/weight or number cities/states.

– Each note should only have 2 to 4 natural picture.

– Note color: I suggest 1 color 2 notes only represent sun & moon.

– All Nation must tell their citizens total quantity of each notes and all total values after release (first time or second time or whatever).

My last advice is checking & analyze Zimbabwe notes in ZWR series (from P65 to P91). It was printed with very high quality, but the pictures their telling about Earth history & the future. The question is that do any of Nation Government know their true history & future? It is way too difficult, so your safe choice is pick beautiful natural places across your Nation land.

All above just my suggestion, I do not know 100% each & every Nation culture & tradition, the final decision must be made from all the citizens of that Nation, because that is your land-backed money.

Please remember that above info is about 1 year a head of time, the trasition-temporary money is still up to each Nation Government themself. Do not stupid enough print straight land-backed because human have not yet understand the meaning of money, everything on Earth is chaos at the moment, it is not safe to release. The bad guys who commited crimed must pay for their action first, I still have no idea what are they still fighting for. The Government structure must clean & clear before able to release the powerful land-backed money.

The Moon Calling – The Sun Hearing – The Gods of Destruction – The Master of Creation – The King of Evolution


The Mysterious Nature


I allow any body/group use the content above to anywhere but do not change the meaning/purpose

& have any kind of commercial at both physical & spirit level, and must use the writer nickname as

The Mysterious Nature” or “Udumbara Flower King”. And do not have to write the website address location.

I do not want to show off as the Messiah or Spirit King on mainstream media and/or tv.