How to Make Gaming Great Again !

This article/solution will help all other games as well like Heroes Storm, League Of Legend, Starcraft, etc.

You see the title, I am the Legendary Messiah in the Bible, I am here to show off my talent.

But I am not here to talk about religions or hidden spirit world level because it is all advance level and many of you the Dota2 players do not beleive in.

So I will using Dota2 langauge so all of you can understand. But first, I hope this letter and message deliver to Dota2 developer team and especially directly to big fat lovely old man Garben.

Dota2 is dying because of 2 thing: 1 is the balance in the game, 2 is the disconnect between Dota2 maker/editor team and all normal Dota2 players(I am not talking about Dota2 competitive players but I am talking about all amateurs who are playing at home or in lan gaming cafe).


1. Balance in Dota2 game

What is perfect balance Dota2 game? It is when there is no meta game, no favour heroes got picked or banned.
From The International 1 to The International 7, we all know there is big increase in heroes pool and the balance. Dota2 maker/editors team are trying very hard to have a balance in game but they are using the WRONG method.
Even through there many many heroes get picked and banned in pro competition but there is still always from kind of heroes got picked and not got picked more often than others, or many of you call is as the Meta game.

Dota2 maker/editor team are using Pro Competition as their metric to change the game/modify Dota2 heroes skill, but that is the wrong methods.

How can you know and able to know what change will be balanced, you increase/decrease the damange, duration, range, etc. base on what factors? By your feeling alone?

You cannot using your feeling alone, this is not a love affair or love relationship or anything in your real life.

Games, Computers made by using mathemetics as the factor, then you must use the math to make it balance, not by anything else like Pro Competition and feelings.

How Hao?

You have MMR system already, where is the Dota2 Heroes point system?

First, in order to have all balanced heroes, you first need a common ground mertric, there are too many different spells in Dota2 game, without commond ground metric like Dota2 heores point system, there is no way you can able to change/modify to become perfect balance Dota2 game.

So let make it easier for you to understand, I will tell you direct solution.
You should have
Tier1: Overall heores point (total skill heroes point)
Tier2: Skill heroes point (the value of each spell of that heroes)


If each hero has overall total 100 point then total skill of that heroes is must be 100 points.
No matter what heores skills, there is always fixed spell metric like the stun duration, the range, the damage, cool down, etc.

So how we can value the Queen of Pain ‘s sonic way or Earth Spirit ‘s silence?

Well, it must up to the players themself, and it must decided by all players who have high skill level alone, I am talking all players who have MMR from over 8000 in Dota2 MMR system, since the differece between that group and Pro Competition is close to 0 in term or raw skills, the only difference is only about the strategy and the understand/familar play style of each team member.

Many many good Dota2 players at home can easily play and can compete in highest competition, the only diferrent is their background, circumstance are preventing them. (You know what I mean).

The Dota2 heroes point system must change and balance themself base on pick/ban in both offline and online competetion from all players have more than 8000 MMR. It should change every 1 a week or 1 a month depend on the agreement between players and Dota2 editor team.

I am not a diactor so I will make the easy job and how each stun duration, damage, etc. Of each heroes up to all Dota2 players decide.

But without open discussion and have an agreement from Dota2 maker/editor team about this perfect idea first, then it is just waste of time for me to give any more advices.

2. The connection between all Dota2 players and Dota2 editors team

There is too much money pour in Dota2 competions but there is no money pour in online amateur competion base on their MMR.

We see 20+ millions in The International alone. But without the contribution of all Dota2 lovers and players, Dota2 will dead and dead quickly from now if you do not care about them.

If I was Garben and have full permission I would make:
Online tournaments base on their location and MMR number every week or month depends on various factors with high reward (like 1 millions total each month or week).

In some nations even $1,000 is mean a lot to them, if you can make just a tournament with total prize around $10,000 is would be a huge hit.
The road to competition Dota2 screen is too rough and too hard, many Dota2 players do not have equal opportunity to do because of their background and circumstance. You must have an alternative road and equal oportunity for them. Maybe today they are just a raw gem but tomorrow after able to show their skill and talent they would easiy become a super star and easiy destroy all the “connection players” (you know I know who are they).
The prize of each tournament should base on the total money from total purchase in-game items from all players of nations/locations.

While the tournament could be made for newbie, semi-pro, pro, Earth class, etc. You can easily have that kind of tournment base on MMR.
Many players players for fun, I and many dota2 lovers prefer a “clown drama match” with alot of “322” actions rather than a serious boring match.

The main reason Navi and Alliance got a lot of royalty fan not because of their skill but because of the drama match they made in history, no matter what high skill players EG, Liquid or any other teams have, they just cannot produce that kind of high quality drama match at the moment.

Garben and Value should hold a competition base on fan contribution who allow pick and able to see their team to play.

In conclusion about this subject, Dota2 maker/editor team must care, connect & listen to all Dota2 lovers and players equally. There is a lot of things money cannot buy which is drama, fun, etc. Making big tournament $$$ is the wrong promotion idea/strategy, you can just see and use your eyes base on total Dota2 players decline every year. League or Legend (LOL) even the copier but still got a lot of players than original Dota2 because of their connection between the maker(developer) and the receiver (player).
I will end this letter/message by using my favourite quote in my book at

“That is a bang right there already, I am just tell you the gold location, now it up to all of you to show the whole planet who is the real “Goldigger” expert. It is all about who is stronger, who is faster, more importantly who is more effective, it is not about longer because the longer time you take only show you not as good as others, it is also not about deeper, you need the right angle to find the gold. #nextlevel”
I hope will see real Dota2 action in the future, I do not want to see “bug finder” teams & players.
You are allowed to share/post to any websites but do not modify any text or use for any commercial purpose.

If Garben, Dota2 maker/editors team want more suggestion and advice, you must talk and make signal first and I only work with “fair transparency” team, I do not work with “shady” team. I know a lot of “shady” things in Dota 2 and this whole planet, please stop all of this or I will unveil your mask in the near future.

Remember I seek nothing, not even money, power, energy of anykind, not even an email address.
If Garben and Dota2 maker/editors team using my idea/solutions, please respect and promote my Global Earth solution website at
Signature Signed
Messiah – Mahdi – Kalki – Christ – Maitreya – Udumbara Flower Holy King