Official Final Zimbabwe Money Note Exchange Guide, Rate and more

This is the article only for Zimbabwe money note many people in Global Currency Reset (GCR) are talking about. If you want to know more about other currencies the dinar, rial, dong or want to have more knowledge about what is coming up next about the GCR Event, you should read this article (

1. Zimbabwe money note was not printed because of inflation or any kind of accidents like the media claimed.

2. It was printed with a lot of hidden meaning in it, because I want to keep the best at last, so I do not spoil anything in this article.

3. The problem now is that many fake intel GCR, fake Spiritual websites, providers are deceiving, lieing, guessing this and that about the GCR event in order to gain donation, followers, energy of all kind and more is trying to control, influence currency holders pre & post GCR event.

4. Who is that stupid enough to spend million if not billions, trillions for your worthless Zimbabwe money note while in the market the value only few dollar?

5. There may be more than 1 group will buy your worthless with purpose for better planet Earth, for fun & for entertainment. But all of them will have to follow a strictly rule designed by spirit rule & law.

6. Do you think they stupid enough to believe in “humanity projects program” “human in angel program”, or event “peace project site”, etc. ?

7. All of your slogan “better Earth” or “peace project” or “economy” blabla is just pain stupid. It is like telling “you must follow me so you can go to heaven even though I don’t know the direction” #hahaha

8. All the problems and solutions for authentic peace, better Earth I already provided in
But many of fake GCR, fake spiritual websites are refusing to even tell about it even under tag “rumor” because their main purpose only is “controlling people” instead of sharing knowledge for open discussion.

9. Now here is the final Zimbabwe money rate:
Price Rate: 1 millions GBP(United Kingdom Pound) per Zimbabwe note (for all kind of note from trillion note to billion note & beyond).
Person Cap: 9 millions GBP per person, 1 time exchange only, you only have once chance to show your Zim note
Limit: Only Zimbabwe money note you obtained before 15/11/2017 is allowed (phrase 1). 15/11/2017 is for phrase 1 only. Phrase 2, 3 the date limit still unknown.
Date duration: from year 2017 to 2019 (I know the date but I won’t tell here because I am not the person who is going to buy your Zimbabwe so let the groups going buy your Zimbabwe telling you)

That is the basic rule apply for all people know about the GCR events and people who do not know about the GCR event.

10. But there will another rate for the “against humanity group” who are refusing and trying to take advantage of the event:
All the Zimbabwe money note they have will be bought at total 1 millions GBP(United Kingdom Pound). They still allowed to exchange but that is the final price cost & condition. And they must bring all the Zimbabwe money note they have to exchange point.

11. Will there any other way to get face value or even higher rate like many “rumor” said? Of course yes. You need a discount/wild card code, but it is not easy to obtain and it can only obtained by you but not through any kind of buy/sell/trade.

12. There are many ways to obtain that discount/wild card code but I only tell you on November 14th or 15th, 2017.

13. Like I already said, there is alaway one way which is compete and pass the “spirit & physical test exam”. But it is going to extremely dangerous and difficult.

All is allowed to join this “stupid exam test” even the “against humanity group”. Oh really so they still allowed to obtain their dream trillion in the bank?

14. Yes, of course, because they are going to 100% failed the test. You cannot pass the test with that kind of moral, simply as that.

15. Here is the exam test detail:
– Location: in a online forum.
– Date & Time: will be announced after you going to the exchange point. But all people will to the test at the same time.
– Duration: 4 hour 40 minutes (280 minutes).
– Total questions: 20 questions (10 physical & 10 spiritual questions).
– Question point: from 1 zero to 9 zero.
– Correct answer: you will receive (+) of that total zero, but Incorrect answer you will receive (-) to that total zero. But there will some answer will not be marked since it is haft correct-haft incorrect answer.
– Balance: You will start with your balance in the bank you exchanged.

Here is the interesting part:
– You only have to answer minimum 10 out of 20 questions, if you do it individual/personal only.

But you can form a team to join this test #what?
A team will from 2 to 5 persons, but a team have to answer all 20 questions and the
Duration: 2 hour 20 minutes (140 minutes).

That is the handicap I am going to give all of you if I am the questions giver, but if others person give out the question, the format will be similar but the question will much easier.

All the questions is only about common sense knowledge, no math no physic history, etc. Like what you learned in your school.

If you know the answer then you only need few minutes to answer each question, but if you do not know then even with 5 person (700 minutes total) cannot answers the question in the test correctly.

That is the final information, if you have any questions please ask in this topic

The Zimbabwe Money Note Legendary


Updated: Person Cap: 9 millions GBP per person, 1 time exchange only, you only have once chance to show your Zim note.

Many intel providers/websites say about “humanity project”, “dream rate”, “face value”, etc. Do your intel providers/websites guarantee you or even tell you will receive “that”?
Of course you can ask, but can you get that rate, get that money in your bank is another question.

Not all people will be accepted to have “face value and beyond” money.
Not all the “projects” you tell will get accepted.

The bank will going to ask you back this (100%):
Who are you? Why we have to give you that much money?
Why you deserve have more money than many “human-in-angel” celebrities star?

And a lot more questions. Since I am the most connected person ever appear in GCR community, I will tell and answer any kind of questions if have, but only at: and

And much more about this GCR event, maybe I will tell you how to get “extra zero code” and how to unlock it.

Any questions about the Zim and GCR and more authentic GCR event information: go to and