Judgement day for all GCR Websites, Intel providers and relate (November 9th 2017)

Hi all the Global Currency Reset(GCR) Websites, intel providers, spiritual website who also have some talk about the GCR event,

This is your last chance to do the right thing for the whole GCR community.

I am the GCR Gatekeeper and Keyholder: The Messiah Spirit King.

I have sent many authentic intel to most of you, but all of you refuse to publish even under tag “rumor”. All of you have copied the contents from many website, many “your sources” but why refuse mine?

Because my intel is the most authentic, the most truth about this whole GCR event. And of course, many if not all of you want to gain, influence, deceive, control currency holders (by many methods like creating fake news, fantasy stories, etc).

You did a lot of “against humanity” thing throughout history, you know what you did more than anybody else. But the end is here when you facing the most dangerous player in this whole Universe – The Messiah Spirit King.

I already unlocked the GCR event at Spirit level by telling the whole truth at:
https://angelteam.wordpress.com/2017/11/05/100-truth-about-global-currency-reset/ and,

If you compare, the words got removed only between 2 article is “Chilli”, but not any grammar mistakes or any other words.

You and many currency holder know that words is represent historic bond note in China & Asia many of you talked.

It was confirmed and verified by the team behind the GCR, or many of you call the “Chinese Elders”.

Do you think if my intel article is not truth, will my article got featured and “slightly modify to verify” in the forest beforeitnews.

And if you take note when you click posting news in that website, there is 2 check out “Vietnamese & Chinese”, that is the confirmation the group behind that site is the Chinese Elders, the same group have printed many high value Zimbabwe bond note and it is also the only going to buy your Zimbabwe note from currency holder.

Nobody stupid enough to spend thousand if not millions, billions or even trillions to buy your Zimbabwe note while the market value is only around few bucks.

All of your tactics like creating “humanity project”, “human in angel form”, “sovereign rate” blabla is not going to work since I am the GCR Gatekeeper & Key-holder, I am the one going to give you the value, the rate the total money you have in your bank.

Because I am not only unlocked the GCR Event but I already knew how to unlock the Zimbabwe‘s spirit & hidden message in my thought, but because I have too much mercy, I will give all of you your last chance to do the right thing for GCR community, for the currency holders.

You need to know that in order for the Elders giving and buying the Zimbabwe note, they must also need the “Green light” from “unseen spirit beings”. And that “unseen spirit beings” need someone able to understand their language and all full meaning and tell that at physical level.

And I am the only one able to decode and understand everything in whole GCR Event and all Earth events because I am the Spirit King who has mastered both physical, spirit level & has reached maximum level of moral.

Here is your last chance quest:

– Post the first entire full article(no modify anything) at: https://angelteam.wordpress.com/2017/11/05/100-truth-about-global-currency-reset/ (100% Truth about Global Currency Reset) to all of your readers and you must put the source as:


– Then reply the link you post with your identity (owner of what website, using what nickname in the past etc.) at http://gnmms.forumotion.com/t14-judgement-day-for-all-gcr-websites-intel-providers-and-relate-november-9th-2017 I don’t need your name, or your id, location. And you are cleared in the black list, and able to exchange like everybody else.

– Dateline: November 13th, 2017, 9.00 AM, New York time (normal Earth calendar, which is about less than 7 days from now), or before Donald Trump announce global GCR event publicly (which could be in 11-11-2017).

After that timeline, everything is finished, you & your relative, friend won’t be allowed to exchange or if have will receive the lowest of low rate (for the reward make GCR event more interesting).

Remember, all Zimbabwe holder have to sign and/or swear do not lie first before even talk about the Zimbabwe note rate. And everything will be extremely strictly, all the email, IP can be traced back to show who you are.