Donald Trump could be killed in his Asia Tour if not careful

Please forward this letter direct to Donald Trump and his team.
I am not here to make prank news, I am deadly serious about this. I am the only Spirit King on Earth at this moment.

Donald Trump could be killed in his current Asia tour trip not because of getting assassin or got shot many anybody, any beings.

But because of he will get overpowered by trapped-dead-souls by doing some kind of ritual by himself.

1. He could get tricked by signing some kind of deal for American or for himself with group/anyone but with conditions “perform some kind of ritual”.

2. The problem that Donald Trump still does not know that the result could be instant dead by “trapped-dead-souls” if he join any kind of ritual.

3. As far as I know he already joint “some” in Europe, America, and the final will be this Asia trip.

Donald Trump need to understand that America and his profile can easily overcome the 22 Trillions debts if he just listen to my idea/solutions. There are many solutions:

– The fastest way to just make a tweet said “the Messiah Spirit King has returned” and give this book to this whole planet

– Call and challenge all nations do this:
Corruption law: “Instantly dead for all corruption people who take bribe or do anything like that”. Give all current Government people 72 hours to resign if any of them get over 5 million USD in bribe money in all of their politics career.

Just by doing 2 above thing. That is the good game, well played to all groups, do not fear about any thing like “fake video” or any kind of proof, “others” have on you. The people will trust you if you just doing 2 above thing than any groups, any Government.

In Asia, for your safety, you just need to:

– Do not part take, join any kind of ritual.

– Do not visit any “historic man-made” place.

– Do not pray when you visit any temples, or any place. There are many dead-trapped temple where you cannot even see what inside from outside (example Tran Quoc temple in Hanoi, Vietnam).

The best and safest thing is just go around and touch/hug the tree near any temple. And if you want the protection, you only need to it with thought & intention only, I repeat NEVER PRAY anybody, any temples.

– When you pick a place to stay, only choose the hotel/US embassy after you “touch down” in that city and only within 24 hour only, do no pick ahead and above that 24 hour window for maximum protection.


If possible skip all tour in Vietnam and Philippine, back to the USA after you visit China on November 8th 2017.
If you checking APEC location in Danang, Vietnam, that area is getting flood everywhere (that is the preparation ritual I told month ago!).
The best tactic is announce the GCR under Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China on November 8th 2017, then head back to USA instantly with reason “flood in APEC location” and “internal nation affair”.

We all know all kind of “global meeting like APEC, Summit” is just for “stupid leaders” to do “stupid things together”, it doesn’t have any kind of effect for the whole Earth citizen at all.

The best global Earth solution right now is this book

Messiah – Mahdi – Kalki – Maitreya – Christ – Udumbara Flower Holy King