Transition Period Strategy & Policy Advice

Transition Period Strategy & Policy Advice

Crazy Stupid Earth, Crazy Stupid Time we are living in, too much fake illusions. I am aware of everything on Earth, I remind all Nation Leaders again that there is always option to by pass all kind of “fake law and institution” which is call “law of land” where people on that land will vote for any policy instead of politicians.

The Global System Reset is coming soon, here is some useful policy can be used in the transition periods:

1. Foods & Agriculture

* Setup a “National Foods Bank” company:

Foods storage type: Only Vegetables or Plant-based foods.
Section 1: Buying all “left-over” fresh organic natural fruits & vegetables of from all farmers in the Nation with 90% of market price for minimum 10 years. Budget depends on each Nation but should be minimum 10 millions GBP value per month. There should be some quota buy from each farmer each month if too much foods.

Section 2: Allow people donate foods they are not used as long as the foods is still in good condition including package foods. This is only for transition period, in the long run only allowed left over organic natural foods (of course only allow plant-based foods).

– Distribute foods for people need (homeless people, low-income people with some limit amount 500 gram or 1000 gram foods per person/per day).

– The Government can setup 1 foods bank store per each district or county/village.
– If possible then even have “hot-meal” section in each district where people will work volunteers.

* Have a TV shows/websites where:
– Display/show the zoom-in of ready-meals foods like fast foods are selling on the street. People will see a lot of bateria/virus in that meals foods.

– Should also zoom-in & display all kind of foods like organic fruits & vegetables, to left-over cooked death foods, etc.

The biggest mistake of humanity it that the virus/bateria is reside in foods but they are not aware of, the only way to know/show it is using microscrope, but normal people do not have the tools to check, so the Government need to have that kind of TV shows/websites so the people can see the truth.

2. Privacy, Information

What a joke to see all company/entity is allowed to collect all kind of citizens information like ID/Passport, house address, banking card to DNA, biometric, etc. It must be stop now.

* All company/entity is not allowed to collect/ask ID/Passport & house address
– Only the legal/military/police branch of National Government is allowed to store ID/Passport & house address of citizens. The best way is only allow Government employee search that information if that citizen violating any kind of laws. I suggest that date server located in military base.
– All banking company/finance insitution & others have to update the house address to City, State/Nation format only, do not allow store extract housing number, street, district. Example an address of a bank account should be like Los Angeles, California, US or Paris, France or London, UK.

All the bank statement can be find online via computer/phone, there is absolutely no need to allow bank/any entity know the citizen living address.
When open new bank account, the citizens only have to show ID/Passport, bank only need to record that number do not need to copy & store documents. All other field like jobs/company/income etc. must be passed !!! There are not criminal, the job of hunting bad people is the police/military.

In the new system, each citizens should have a ID card like credit debit card now where there is a device can read & verify if it real/legal or not (like the POS device now). That will be used for withdrawal, online card using, etc. And if combine with phone SMS verification, there is no way “hacker” can do anything even if they have card number.

Bank should only allow to store personal info: Name, City/State location, ID/Passport number, phone number.

– Online Shopping Store/Shipping company only allowed to store housing address, not banking card or ID/Passport in this transition time, all company must allow customer shipping to PO box or any address.

The ultimate way is Nation Government setup a “proxy address store” in each district/city, then allow citizens to collect their goods if they have code.
When a person buying a goods: they will shipping a proxy address location & the shoppers will return them a buying code. Then that person will enter that code into the proxy address store, when the goods arrive, they will receive a notification (could via sms or via in person). Then they can collect goods in person or ask for a delivery.
Do you see billions if not trillions money business idea yet? I register above trade mark here online, no entity is allowed to use above idea except the National Government(if they provide free or close to free service to citizens).

* No entity is allowed to buy/sell/trade citizens information (ID/Passport, Phone Number, Bank Account, Card, etc.)
* No entity is allowed to collect DNA/biometric of any citizens under any circumstance

FUK off all Government allow to that happen. All the company provide have that kind of service are using it for all kind of cloning & stupid stuff, it is all scam ! They are using all kind of stupid marketing like tell your ancestor root or diet blabla. It must be stop now before it is too late.
Punishment: Seize all asset, no more talking.

The evil/cabal network has reached to almost all Nations, the only Nation left is the North Korea. Even China/Vietnam/Cuba it already reached.

The only solution now it setup branch new citizens system but above it a quick temporary transition solution.

3. Technology, Security

Earth still at baby stage of technology, the next evolution on Earth is using 100% natural hardware instead of “man-mad software language”. But at the moment there should be policy like:

– All softwares/apps must show/display the type:
+ Paid
+ Free with close-source
+ Open-Source with tracking

+ Open-Source without tracking

Many softwares/apps are open source/free but still have kind of tracking/connecting with server.

No Tracking software/app do not collect and/or send data of user in any form or raw or encrypted data to any server any moment including clicking update button.

Example: Allmost all apps & phones have android using Google search/Google chrome browser are Spy tracking software because whenever you open your phone Google have your location instantly

Here is a tips for all National Government & Banking System:

– Install the new Open Source Operating System: Debian 9.3 (the lastest version)

Do/Setup it for all Government computer, school, banking.

– It already have LibreOffice, do not need Microsoft Office.

– Turn off all automatic update of all software.
– Hire & ask some IT of debian & expert team if have any open source tracking or not.

– Do not need to install any anti-virus software/app.

– The OS it-self are very hard to be hacked & normal employee cannot easily touch/install some outsider-software like in the Windows OS.

– The OS free & open source, it is the best at the moment, there is no need to maintance & pay fee for overated paid-software. It cannot be worse than close-source software/app.

– It will be the new standard in new Global system, say no to closed-source software.

4. Shutdown all kind of clone/testing/transfer/making of/on human/animals

Fuk all stupid people & group who are doing stupid things. Nobody even want to see all faces look like in South Korea beauty contest already, let alone cloning whole body, brain/memory transfer blabla.

All Nation Government must shut down it immediately, the worst case is show some video proof about “clone malfunction” to the public. People already know & aware of animal clone, seize/burn all assets of all that company & people related to. It is ridiculous & beyond stupid, where the fuk is common sense ?

I am not fan of using “aliens” technology. It is always better to create & using your own products you made.

5. Money, Crypto Currency, Digitals Goods

The question now is when introduce law allow only digital currency on digital goods?

In new system there are 3 tier of money type: 1. Land-backed Money, 2. Metals, 3. Digital Money

You can only allowed buy Digital Money from Government but not allowed to sell it to anybody/entity including the Government. At least 10 years, only allow free trade when all Nation on the same page then each Nation Virtual Currency will convert into single Earth Virtual Currency.

The problem now is Earth still forcus too much on stupid technology so I prefer do it in 2019, just before the voting on physical asset land backed money in each Nation. While the basic rule about lands/foods needed to be address first.

6. Foreign Aids, “Poor” Nations Support

The first thing each Nation should do it cut all the money flow into International Groups like the UN, Unicef, Red Cross, etc. All International Groups should be disband !!!

Setup a new National branch call “Aids support”, hiring own people in that Nation to distribute Foods & Cloths, Essential Stuffs to the area where people needed including homeless people of that Nation.

– Buying organic plant-based foods from your own Nation to send it to Africa (most poor location on Earth in both knowledge & foods resources). Buying some dried fruits like dates/raisin from the Arab Nation I suggested.

– Help/teach them do agriculture. I highly recommended plant Moringa tree (the only tree on Earth do not receive artificial chemical I have known so far), dates palm & cactus tree.

So instead of giving away billions money to unknown group every year, you use it to employee your own people & have direct support to the people need the support.

– Do not give money to build stupid road using any kind using plastic/artifical material like in Australia, it is such a joke to see the “plastic road” burn & get destroyed just by the heat of the sun.

– If want to build house using 100% natural ingredients like bamboo or hempcrete. You should only buy & give them building material, they have hand so they can build on their own.


Messiah – Udumbara Flower Holy King


Planet Earth Need Brand New System, New Way of Business

Planet Earth Need Brand New System, New Way of Business

If you ask me what wrong on Earth at the moment. My answer is everything is wrong & going to the direction from foods, agriculture, language, education, health, technology, scientist, sports, money, business, almost if not everything.

If you check the spelling of English alphabet language you will see many words has been altered & do not match with the way when you speaking out. The Spanish, French or Portugess is the original one, if you compare & checking with common sense you will see & understand what are you talking about.

Not only that, there is a so called “academic vocabulary” where only be used in stupid university, IELST, TOEIC, etc. But have ZERO daily practice, it is such a waste of time & energy for everybody !!! You can test “language ability” of anybody by interview them 10-15 minutes.

Speaking of education, all the Education Degree are worthless & have zero meaning. It is about how can you do the job, what you can bring to solve the problems. Do the sport players, actors/actress, musicians, it programmer, etc. Require any kind of “stupid Degree”? No they are get paid by their “performance quality”. That is how a system should be. Why you require politicians/lawers study law while you can search in with few click.

All the term “expert, experience, teacher, etc.” mean nothing. What the metric human using now? Some stupid freaking Education Degree can be bought & be cheated through exam.

But you can easily call Messi, Ronaldo as Football Expert, Gordon Ramsey as Master Chef, etc. Because their work has been tested & shown publicly & more importantly it is hard to “copy” unless you have the real talent like them. And the real talent requires a lot of training & will power.

Of course it is very hard to switch from pay per hours to pay per “task completion” 100%. But each Governments or Company can test it like waiter/waitress where the employees still received basic fixed income, but bonus if they can finish the “extra task.

That is just very few common-sense knowledge, the Earth & each Nation still has many problems. If you want to resolve fast & quick, you must have Bounty Earth System where people from around the World can give & solve the problems like human health, traffic jam removed, etc.

I suggest the Elders & each Government create a system like:
1. List the tasks/problems & requiments with the bounty money reward depend on you.

2. Allow everybody to deposit/add extra bonus money. The more needed problems will get more money, receive more attention & “maybe” will be solved quicker like “How to cure cancer within 30 days without any kind of machine, drug, how human body work, Immortal Life”.

3. Set the deadline circle day, example 15 days or 30 days.

4. So everybody can have chance to submit, if 2 or more have the same perfect working solution then the bounty reward will be shared.

I have every solution for every problem on Earth but I want others to do the reasearch & wake up that is why I suggest above system. Beside that Earth need new International Standard of everything from language, metric, agriculture to technology, banking, moral system, etc.

How much money the Rich willing to pay to live to 1000 years & more? 1000 Trillions is just too little !


Messiah – Udumbara Flower Holy King

China “Social Credit System”, US “Immigration Merit Point-base” are Going to Fail

China “Social Credit System”, US “Immigration Merit Point-base” are Going to Fail

I am still trust absolutely any Nation for all of them still refuse to ban “GMO crops & products”. But I still giving my opinion about some new policy & experiment both China & United States are going to use.
Both China, United States & others want to recruit “talent” people come to help their Nation but do they know the “minimum requirements” of the real talent people? The real talents people NEVER come to the land full of GMO, artificial chemical like the US & China at the moment. First, the real talent people always make sure that Nation have plenty of organic natural fruits & vegetables first become talking about any kind of policies & laws.

China Social Credit System
I have just read some news today about China are trying to put & using a system to monitor their citizens. The system name is similar to the “Moral System” like I talked in my ebook released 3 months ago. But they are making a basic & stupid mistake, they are trying to force people live like a robot.

The credit & value of a person cannot be just by points and/or through monitor. How can a person do not visit their parents is negative to socialty, how a person do not wearing helmet when using use motobike is bad to others? Absolutely not, you cannot force people to do this or do that unless their activity affect the whole socialty.

Before talking & testing about Credit System, do China has any policies about avoiding the “rich” cheating the “poor” people yet? No, the rich still allowed to cheat others so the Social Credit System is useless for many people mind are not yet freely, even some people stealing foods, goods because they do not have money & enough minimum support from the Government.

The default of Moral System (Social Credit System) is that all are good & do not violating laws or cause chaos in the public. Then Government need to analyze & list the actions cause chaos for the public. Example pass the red light traffic jam, corruption, stealing/selling/revealing others information without permission, fighting others without any reason etc.

Then you only insert data for that error into the Moral System. When any entity want to check the profile, the system should show how many “errors” of a person made in 1 month, 1 year, 5 or 10 years or even all time (I still prefer limit to only 10-20 years, the error should be removed & reset depends on the damage action, for they already need to pay to fine already).

That is just a brief suggestion for I am not working for China or any Nation Government, & more important I am not in the mood to reveal the “PERFECT SOLUTION” for everything, I am still in very careful mode, there is still a chance I am being take advantage of.

United State Immigration Merit Point-base System

Donald Trump shouted out too much about the everything but do nothing. I have review the Australia Merit system few months ago but I did not like it, I am not here to blame that “robot style” system so I will give quick common-sense solution about Immigration overall.

First, I will divide into 4 categories:

1. Short term visa (Under 6 months)

2. Long term visa(From 6 months to 5 years)

3. Permanent visa

4. VIP

1. Short term (Under 6 months)

Most people in this category are the travelers, family visit, sport competitors. This category is almost harmless & should encourage since they are bringing many jobs & money into the country.

A lot of people have money & want to travel but the paper work & requirements are too complicated. The “smart” Nation should requires something like this:

+ Escow Money: $5000, $10 000 or $20 000 depends on visitors from. But the money should be from the traveler or their family, do not allowed from “loan money”. That escow money will be refund after that traveler leave the country 15 days (in condition no damge caused by that traveler, if have then reduce by the “error fine law”).

+ “Background Criminal Checking”: Since there is no Moral System to checking yet, so it is very difficult to know. The temporary solution should be “volunteer base”, picture profile. It is all about trust & reduce “potential chaos”.

+ Special Bonus: Can that travel speak some basic local language of your Nation, you can test by interview 10 minutes. (This option is just bonus & should not be a must). Who can speak local langauge should be automatic pass 100%.

The fee of application should be around $50-100, the entry fee(succesful visa) should be $100-200 depends on each Nation Government.


2. Long term visa(From 6 months to 5 years)

This group mostly the workers. You must divide into blue-colar (physical hand job) & white-colar(heavy brain job).

+ Blue colar jobs: No go, stop unless the Nation employment job rate under 1%. Unless you are big profile & famous like master chef, sports players, etc.

+ Brain jobs: Education Degree, Age mean absolutely nothing in this type of jobs, it is all how quality work.

+ An Approaved “escow letter” of real company in the business of that Nation. And job position detail. (Mostly is mangagement, technology jobs)

+ “Background Criminal Checking”: like the short term visa above.

The fee is up to to each Nation Government.

3. Permanent visa

People in this group mostly the retirement & the one with big money.

Requirement: 1 million to 5 millions money depend on each Nation Goverment.
The fee is up to to each Nation Government (#besmart).

4. VIP

People in this group mostly the celebrities like sport players, leaders of Nation, talent people where their “ability” have been shown off publicly.
The fee is up to to each Nation Government (#besmart).

You must make sure they are real authentic organic human, not any kind of robot/clone/aliens.
That just some easy suggestion, it do not take me much effort to write & share.

I repeat again that the whole system on Earth is broken & must change, there is no other solution!


Messiah – Udumbara Flower Holy King

Mega “Ascension” Event Schedule, Earth Structure, History, Human, Aliens

Mega “Ascension” Event Schedule, Earth Structure, History, Human, Aliens

There are too much miss information out there, so I will have to share some “real truth” knowledge so everyone can be prepared for upcoming events on Earth.

Earth Structure: Big Circle Ball with many layers like famous Russian Doll. Most people who are reading this message is living on the Surface. While there are some place like the Hollow Earth where people can living in.

Earth History: Nobody know how many races & events has taken place on Earth. The previous Era has cause a lot of damage to planet Earth that is why we have the North Pole hole & the un-liveable Antarctica, Greenland & others. Most of the people from that stupid Era are living in the Hollow Earth (including human, half-human-half-animals & others) at the moment, they are not allowed to do a lot of things on the Earth surface unless the problem beyond current human race on Earth surface capability like dealing with “invade aliens group”. And they are waiting for the surface to discover them, and that is the only way for them to re-join the Earth surface. Many “rumour” said they have many “super ability” like telepathy, teleport, etc. But that doesn’t matter, red card is red card !

Races: There are many races on Earth at the moment, the good beings and the bad beings, but I divide it into 4 major groups:
1. Current Human Race: It is the humanity group we are familiar with.

2. Previous Era Beings: All beings from human, half-human-half-animal to others like the dragon, reptilians, bird, etc.
3. Invasion Aliens: The aliens who landed on Earth from 4000-5000 years ago to the present, the one who are trying control & take over planet Earth.
4. Observing Beings: This group are just observing planet Earth for fun, some races from this group are super advance & of course waiting Humanity to wake up to contact them in the future.

There is no such thing as racist, there is only familar & unfamilar just like “white” people want to live in “white” area, black with black, etc. There are many information online talk about the repilians but the question is are they from the previous era group or the invasion beings group? Either way, they are better to retreat & waiting humanity wake up & ready to contact them.

Ascension Event: Many are talking to this event and want to evolution. The truth about Ascension event is the time when humanity remember & care about the host Earth “stadium” host, so all the “traffic jam, congestion” can be removed. First humanity will discover the truth about how human body function really work, then to activate many ability like telepathy, teleport, fly, etc.

Global System Reset is coming next, and here is the schedule events & timeline:

2020: Global System Reset (Currency, Moral system, etc.).
2030: Human discover, understand how human body function, from that able to heal any sickness & able to live forever.

2040: Discover the Hollow Earth location & make contact with people who are living in that location (including human, half-human half-animals, etc.).

2050-2060: Start exploring the universe & make contact with other races/aliens.

That is the brief timeline & schedule, the event do not change but the timeline can be altered couple to several of years depend on humanity ready or not. Sometimes it is better to master Earth planet “stadium” first before to discover & contact other aliens race so there won’t be cheated because of the lack of knowledge & widsom.

I hope above information can help all the “stupid beings” understand & withdraw on the Earth surface including stoping all kind of stupid action like cloning, GMO, etc. It is just matter of time for humanity to know the truth, to know who are cheating them. Who are their friends who are their enemies. Do not mess with King’s Child, they are just kid now but when they grow up & become an adult, best of luck with your life! I repeat the problem of humanity is that they have not yet fully understand their body & Earth planet stadium.


Messiah – Udumbara Flower Holy King Close Forever from 2/2/2018 Close Forever from 2/2/2018

On Earth the most important thing right now is Earth “Stadium” Planet, it is being destroyed & abused by stupid BEINGS (human, half-human-half-animals, aliens of all kinds).

There is no point & it is just waste of time to share solution for about real world “hunger”, real “poor” Nation, language, education, human health, immigration, security & many others. When you live in Ice-Age like the Greenland at the moment, do you need to know any knowledge & solution like above? No.

So I have decided to close Close Forever from 2/2/2018 (15 days from now). The decision is final & unchange-able.

I may still have some post from now to 2/2/2018, but after that, no more, I will change password of the login & email to random & leave, never post again on any news websites online.


King Solution 19: Putin – Xi Jinping – Trump are going to make Huge Announcement & press “Unify” button very soon

King Solution 19: Putin – Xi Jinping – Trump are going to make Huge Announcement & press “Unify” button very soon

Same story just like 3 Kingdom “history movie”, but now the stage is just bigger and it going to cover the whole Earth planet. This is the content of that new movie all of will going to listen and repeat to the media very soon (from now to 31/01/2018, within 18 days from now):

1. Putin – Leader of Russia is going to call a All Earth Peace Union (AEPU), any nation join Russia will be protected with the best military including Nuclear. The detail of the AEPU I already provide long ago.

2. Xi Jinping – Leader of China will make an annoucement something like dreaming-in-heaven contents:

+ China will join Russia & urge all Nations including North Korea join as well.

+ If North Korea & South Korea join, & unify become Korea, then each citizens will receive amount of money equal 2 years of average income of a normal South Korea citizen in 2017 & unlimited amount of dates fruits. Most likely including Zimbabwe money buying as well.

+ Plan from 1.1.2020, China going to use 100% land-backed money where each citizens will receive a same portion of Bank, Water, Electric, Telecom/Internet, and nobody is allowed to buy & sell that “share”.

+ In transition period, China will issues new temporary currency to combat & remove all the corruption, bad people. Tell that in your face public so the people will understand the situation, do not playing game. The detail of this transition I already provided in previous article.

+ Ask United States to join & offer “remove 8 trillions debt” USD if US join AEPU & disband NATO, 8 trillion USD if the US go land-backed money by 1.1.2020.

3. Donald Trump – Leader of United States will most likely issues new rule about the media & others like force all display truth/rumor/opinion, etc. Like I already said before.

+ And will agree to take that offer because US location surround by sea no Nation can attack, it just waste of money of continue NATO.

+ After listening the “each citizens own each share in Bank, Water, Electric, Telecom/Internet”, the US public mostly agree.

+ I like the idea but I love war, so what about having a business war where each Nation can settle land of each nation (if have debt)?

All the announcement should be made within 24 hour.

Soon many Nations inlcuding the one have nuclear & in sanction like North Korea, Iran, Ukraine will join and their restrictions will be removed automatic.

Above is the perfect best scenario you can have with current Earth situation. Everything will be revealed, the bad guy bad nation will have to type “GG WP”.

If there is no new Global Currency Reset real public action before or on 16/01/2018, I will close the website & never sharing any information anymore.

This is my final post in King Solution series if there is no public news about the Zimbabwe Money buying & the Global Currency Reset before next new Moon (5 days). I want it get done ASAP for even Chinese Lunar Calendar is wrong, the perfect Earth Calendar there is only 360 days per year & all lunar month have 30 days.

Have Fun & Enjoy the Events !

The Moon Calling – The Sun Hearing – The Gods of Destruction – The Master of Creation – The King of Evolution


The Mysterious Nature


I allow any body/group use the content above to anywhere but do not change the meaning/purpose

& have any kind of commercial at both physical & spirit level, and must use the writer nickname as

The Mysterious Nature” or “Udumbara Flower King”. And do not have to write the website address location.

I do not want to show off as the Messiah or Spirit King on mainstream media and/or tv.

New Requirement for high-networth Zimbabwe ZWR Currency Holder

New Requirement for high-networth Zimbabwe ZWR Currency Holder

In my previous article , I already mention there will be at least 4 major type of Zimbabwe currency programs/buyers. Here are some major update & requirement for maximum protection & more filter:

All Zimbabwe currency holder who in category 3 & 4 (receive more than 20 million GBP value) going to have:

1. Travel to China to verify their history & identification with a group of person who have ability to see & talk with spirit beings. So that who lie who not, who have been “hjacked” will be revealed.

2. All have to open account at HSBC and/or Bank of China for major using (money will have come to this bank first, then transfer to you local bank, it is up to you).

3. The maximum amount you will receive before you travel to China & verify your identify is 20 million GBP value.

4. All who have verified and pass will receive a BOSS bank account at Bank of China. A account who show your real $$$ number you own. And that account will be top security, only few high moral people will able to touch and transfer that fund of that account (most likely server will locate in Chinese Government).

You will only allow to withdraw from that account 1 time per lunar month, and the amount is limited to 100 million GBP value.

You can still withdrawal whatever amount you want ANYTIME if you have a real reason: example buying land, setup a company, building hotel using natural material, etc. But you MUST travel in person to some specific location in China-HongKong-Vietnam to perform that request. (That location you will only know if you travel to China to verify you identity).

The time limit for in-person identity verification is 12 lunar month only, will end in 2019.

The time of using & requesting funds is unlimited.

The reason to choose China is for maximum protection & security. China Government just issues 5-10 years visa program, so I hope the group going to buy the Zimbabwe will send a guide how to fill the the visa application to by pass easily.

@About Debt-Jubilee: I heard that some group want to remove all debt forever on Earth but I do not agree. If you remove debt, they will keep spending money for stupid thing & stuff => The Earth will false more quickly, Ice Age will come sooner. But you can set the interest rate to 0%.

You need to start Zimbabwe buying program quickly, so all the best people on Earth will gather in China to assist & give their opinion/advice about Global Earth issues. It is very hard to giving advice without know the real number & problems.

Good Luck Have Fun !!!