Deepest Analyze about Global Earth Problems and Solutions

To me, everything I am seeing in the mainstream media, alternative news and online is just like a stupid fun movie made by unseen Spirits, because I can understand “that language” without even listening to any “fake spiritual master” or info from “secret Government, ancient families”.

All of the World [Secret or Public] Governments are being toyed by unseen Spirits without realize about that. No matter what they are trying to control, do this do that to take over the whole planet, etc. They are still NEVER able to compete their mission/desire without following and understanding Spirit rule & law.

The Earth problem is people mind set, not the money, not the economy, not the power, not the controlling. You can verify that by asking back how “human” can able to live together when that doesn’t exist in the history?

The Earth problem has reached to the point out of hand of all the secret & public Governments. From now, if all of you not listen to me then we are going to see the destruction on Earth.

I am not asking you listen and follow my orders 100%, I am open for discussion & debate at the top level. You don’t have to fight the “dark enemy” to have all, the easiest way is “understand spirit langauge”, then without any “fighting action”, the “dark spirit” will be be balance naturely with the “light spirit” if you know how to.
Despite of shared the book https://gaiaspiritking.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/gaiaspiritking-book1.pdf , there is a lot of other things need to do at physical in order to archive a perfect balance solution.
The firstly actions all Governments must take is:

1. Release first 3 sections: Opening, Content, Religion of the book I have provided: https://gaiaspiritking.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/gaiaspiritking-book1.pdf (Do not edit anything, not grammar, not spells or anything, keep is at the purify version)

2. Then you can now said the “Spirit King Messiah or any other names” just give some advices:

3. Instant dead for all corruption people who are working in Government (they must release that rule as soon as possible through democracy voting by the people). Of course the corruption proof will be analyzed publicly, not through any kind of “fake judge”.

4. Close all animals factory farming, and replace with organic heirloom god seed plants [you can easily make the break news, blabla]

That is the first step in many major steps. We must do it carefully, if change too quickly, everything will be dead.

Frankly, I am not sure if any of this words can be listened to all the Secret & Public Government, so I will close it here.

If any groups interested and want a open discussion go to the forum http://gnmms.forumotion.com

Spirit King


100% Truth about Global Currency Reset

In Video Game, the final person is the Final Boss.
If GCR is just a stupid game made by spirit beings, then who is the Boss?
All the intel providers you are following, listening are all beings toyed or try to gain something out of you. This post is the authentic 100% truth about the GCR and what is coming next.

1. All of your currency money note in the World today is Gold-Backed already, it is not fiat like many intel provider said.
And all the money today is still in the old Gold-Backed system control by a “certain group” with certain rule like in-out-country dinar exchange, etc.

2. That Gold-Backed system is going to gone very soon and is going to replaced by all nation asset-back money system.
So all your knowledge, rule & law about the dinar, dong, rial will not apply in this brand new money system.

3. You can all see the changing in all nation politics, leaders already. It is no coincidence at all.

4. To know more about the brand new money system, please read this article http://gnmms.forumotion.com/t5-global-brand-new-money-system.

5. Now the question is how to transfer money from old system to new system?

6. Here we have 2 kind, 1 is bond note(Zimbabwe, Chilli, Government Bond, etc.) , 2 is currency (dong, dinar, rial, etc.)

7. All the currencies like dinar, dong, rial, etc. will be loop zero in general but increase in value. The reason will be used is like “tribulation for war, chaos in history,etc.), and the value will of their currencies will be increase from 2 to several times (less than 10 since 10 is 1 zero).

So all the brand new nation currencies will have rate from 1.0 to maximum 9.9 (This is the starting rate, it will only change once per year, there wont be any kind of forex, stock exchange in near future). There wont be any kind of 1$ for 10k or 20k in other local currency any more.

8. There will be global public announcement about this event very very soon. I may know the date but since I am not 100% sure then I do not prevent “guru like others”. Very very possible after Donald Trump return from his Asia tour, or even in 11-11-2017 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

9 It will takes 2-3 years to transfer completely from old current system to brand new fair & square money system.

10. It will take each nation only few week to designed and printed new currencies. And with the new moral system I already told, there won’t any stupid beings will fake or try to do some crazy stuffs.

That the 100% truth about the up coming GCR, you do not need to follow any “guru, expert”, just ask and check all the global events especially the Iraq.

In order to “perform a movie” for the public so everything can be seem as normal, we must wait Donald Trump visit and have Asia tour. Then we can have some “predictable news”: massive deals from Trump twitter #hohohaha

It is not for “underground website” but for the whole public people as well. That why there won’t any kind of GESARA, public disclosure, aliens like many freaking stupid websites talk everything. All will be shut down immediately, the group are promoting GESARA, aliens, public disclosure are the “BAD PEOPLE” who want chaos & war. They are only think for themself but not from the public view point.

Next: I will post about the official Zimbabwe bond note rate and I will answer any questions relate to GCR if have.

The Host

Source: http://gnmms.forumotion.com/t11-100-truth-about-global-currency-reset

Invest 20 usd,then have 1 million usd within 12 months(Must read or will regret)

I am the most connected person with the group who are control the whole banking and money system ever appeared at the public.
– All of what you guys are seeing (Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin unconfirmed transactions, etc.) is just a signal from the group behind.
– All you see on Trump twitter account, keyword like “TRADE, rules has changed”, or even the new one Zimbabwe nation.
That signal is very clear, the changing in Global Money System.

The reason Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies going to false and false quickly because of 2 reason:
1. The global currencies money reset. There will be a brand new money system will replace the current one.
2. The environment, mining bitcoin or any cryptocurrencies is extremely harmful to the environment.

If you want to know more about the Global Currency Reset, read this:

On the bright sight,
Bitcoin used to be cheap just like Zimbabwe money note now…

If you want to become rich, you just need to listen to me. Go buy a Zimbabwe note, there will be a group going to buy 1 million GBP per Zimbabwe note very very soon.

It is only cost around 20 usd per note. Remember Zimbabwe money note is very very limited and it all printed and finished long ago already. It is rarer than gold, silver, etc.

Imagine there is a news on the media like that? Zimbabwe money note picture used to be laugh for the entire world will be brought back !!! And this time it is much much more fun and entertainment.

Just treat old Zimbabwe money note as a lottery ticket, you can resell it later because it is a collector item.


I highly recommended all of you going to buy Zimbabwe money note right now, or you will miss the once in lifetime, and this chance will never comeback again !!!

More information about this topic: https://angelteam.wordpress.com/2017/11/09/official-final-zimbabwe-money-note-exchange-guide-rate-and-more/

Ask any question at http://gnmms.forumotion.com/t16-invest-20-usdthen-have-1-million-usd-within-12-monthsmust-read-or-will-regret

Angel Team

Judgement day for all GCR Websites, Intel providers and relate (November 9th 2017)

Hi all the Global Currency Reset(GCR) Websites, intel providers, spiritual website who also have some talk about the GCR event,

This is your last chance to do the right thing for the whole GCR community.

I am the GCR Gatekeeper and Keyholder: The Messiah Spirit King.

I have sent many authentic intel to most of you, but all of you refuse to publish even under tag “rumor”. All of you have copied the contents from many website, many “your sources” but why refuse mine?

Because my intel is the most authentic, the most truth about this whole GCR event. And of course, many if not all of you want to gain, influence, deceive, control currency holders (by many methods like creating fake news, fantasy stories, etc).

You did a lot of “against humanity” thing throughout history, you know what you did more than anybody else. But the end is here when you facing the most dangerous player in this whole Universe – The Messiah Spirit King.

I already unlocked the GCR event at Spirit level by telling the whole truth at:
https://angelteam.wordpress.com/2017/11/05/100-truth-about-global-currency-reset/ and,

If you compare, the words got removed only between 2 article is “Chilli”, but not any grammar mistakes or any other words.

You and many currency holder know that words is represent historic bond note in China & Asia many of you talked.

It was confirmed and verified by the team behind the GCR, or many of you call the “Chinese Elders”.

Do you think if my intel article is not truth, will my article got featured and “slightly modify to verify” in the forest beforeitnews.

And if you take note when you click posting news in that website, there is 2 check out “Vietnamese & Chinese”, that is the confirmation the group behind that site is the Chinese Elders, the same group have printed many high value Zimbabwe bond note and it is also the only going to buy your Zimbabwe note from currency holder.

Nobody stupid enough to spend thousand if not millions, billions or even trillions to buy your Zimbabwe note while the market value is only around few bucks.

All of your tactics like creating “humanity project”, “human in angel form”, “sovereign rate” blabla is not going to work since I am the GCR Gatekeeper & Key-holder, I am the one going to give you the value, the rate the total money you have in your bank.

Because I am not only unlocked the GCR Event but I already knew how to unlock the Zimbabwe‘s spirit & hidden message in my thought, but because I have too much mercy, I will give all of you your last chance to do the right thing for GCR community, for the currency holders.

You need to know that in order for the Elders giving and buying the Zimbabwe note, they must also need the “Green light” from “unseen spirit beings”. And that “unseen spirit beings” need someone able to understand their language and all full meaning and tell that at physical level.

And I am the only one able to decode and understand everything in whole GCR Event and all Earth events because I am the Spirit King who has mastered both physical, spirit level & has reached maximum level of moral.

Here is your last chance quest:

– Post the first entire full article(no modify anything) at: https://angelteam.wordpress.com/2017/11/05/100-truth-about-global-currency-reset/ (100% Truth about Global Currency Reset) to all of your readers and you must put the source as:


– Then reply the link you post with your identity (owner of what website, using what nickname in the past etc.) at http://gnmms.forumotion.com/t14-judgement-day-for-all-gcr-websites-intel-providers-and-relate-november-9th-2017 I don’t need your name, or your id, location. And you are cleared in the black list, and able to exchange like everybody else.

– Dateline: November 13th, 2017, 9.00 AM, New York time (normal Earth calendar, which is about less than 7 days from now), or before Donald Trump announce global GCR event publicly (which could be in 11-11-2017).

After that timeline, everything is finished, you & your relative, friend won’t be allowed to exchange or if have will receive the lowest of low rate (for the reward make GCR event more interesting).

Remember, all Zimbabwe holder have to sign and/or swear do not lie first before even talk about the Zimbabwe note rate. And everything will be extremely strictly, all the email, IP can be traced back to show who you are.



Official Final Zimbabwe Money Note Exchange Guide, Rate and more

This is the article only for Zimbabwe money note many people in Global Currency Reset (GCR) are talking about. If you want to know more about other currencies the dinar, rial, dong or want to have more knowledge about what is coming up next about the GCR Event, you should read this article (https://angelteam.wordpress.com/2017/11/05/100-truth-about-global-currency-reset/).

1. Zimbabwe money note was not printed because of inflation or any kind of accidents like the media claimed.

2. It was printed with a lot of hidden meaning in it, because I want to keep the best at last, so I do not spoil anything in this article.

3. The problem now is that many fake intel GCR, fake Spiritual websites, providers are deceiving, lieing, guessing this and that about the GCR event in order to gain donation, followers, energy of all kind and more is trying to control, influence currency holders pre & post GCR event.

4. Who is that stupid enough to spend million if not billions, trillions for your worthless Zimbabwe money note while in the market the value only few dollar?

5. There may be more than 1 group will buy your worthless with purpose for better planet Earth, for fun & for entertainment. But all of them will have to follow a strictly rule designed by spirit rule & law.

6. Do you think they stupid enough to believe in “humanity projects program” “human in angel program”, or event “peace project site”, etc. ?

7. All of your slogan “better Earth” or “peace project” or “economy” blabla is just pain stupid. It is like telling “you must follow me so you can go to heaven even though I don’t know the direction” #hahaha

8. All the problems and solutions for authentic peace, better Earth I already provided in https://angelteam.wordpress.com
But many of fake GCR, fake spiritual websites are refusing to even tell about it even under tag “rumor” because their main purpose only is “controlling people” instead of sharing knowledge for open discussion.

9. Now here is the final Zimbabwe money rate:
Price Rate: 1 millions GBP(United Kingdom Pound) per Zimbabwe note (for all kind of note from trillion note to billion note & beyond).
Person Cap: 9 millions GBP per person, 1 time exchange only, you only have once chance to show your Zim note
Limit: Only Zimbabwe money note you obtained before 15/11/2017 is allowed (phrase 1). 15/11/2017 is for phrase 1 only. Phrase 2, 3 the date limit still unknown.
Date duration: from year 2017 to 2019 (I know the date but I won’t tell here because I am not the person who is going to buy your Zimbabwe so let the groups going buy your Zimbabwe telling you)

That is the basic rule apply for all people know about the GCR events and people who do not know about the GCR event.

10. But there will another rate for the “against humanity group” who are refusing and trying to take advantage of the event:
All the Zimbabwe money note they have will be bought at total 1 millions GBP(United Kingdom Pound). They still allowed to exchange but that is the final price cost & condition. And they must bring all the Zimbabwe money note they have to exchange point.

11. Will there any other way to get face value or even higher rate like many “rumor” said? Of course yes. You need a discount/wild card code, but it is not easy to obtain and it can only obtained by you but not through any kind of buy/sell/trade.

12. There are many ways to obtain that discount/wild card code but I only tell you on November 14th or 15th, 2017.

13. Like I already said, there is alaway one way which is compete and pass the “spirit & physical test exam”. But it is going to extremely dangerous and difficult.

All is allowed to join this “stupid exam test” even the “against humanity group”. Oh really so they still allowed to obtain their dream trillion in the bank?

14. Yes, of course, because they are going to 100% failed the test. You cannot pass the test with that kind of moral, simply as that.

15. Here is the exam test detail:
– Location: in a online forum.
– Date & Time: will be announced after you going to the exchange point. But all people will to the test at the same time.
– Duration: 4 hour 40 minutes (280 minutes).
– Total questions: 20 questions (10 physical & 10 spiritual questions).
– Question point: from 1 zero to 9 zero.
– Correct answer: you will receive (+) of that total zero, but Incorrect answer you will receive (-) to that total zero. But there will some answer will not be marked since it is haft correct-haft incorrect answer.
– Balance: You will start with your balance in the bank you exchanged.

Here is the interesting part:
– You only have to answer minimum 10 out of 20 questions, if you do it individual/personal only.

But you can form a team to join this test #what?
A team will from 2 to 5 persons, but a team have to answer all 20 questions and the
Duration: 2 hour 20 minutes (140 minutes).

That is the handicap I am going to give all of you if I am the questions giver, but if others person give out the question, the format will be similar but the question will much easier.

All the questions is only about common sense knowledge, no math no physic history, etc. Like what you learned in your school.

If you know the answer then you only need few minutes to answer each question, but if you do not know then even with 5 person (700 minutes total) cannot answers the question in the test correctly.

That is the final information, if you have any questions please ask in this topic http://gnmms.forumotion.com/t13-official-final-zimbabwe-money-note-exchange-guide-rate-and-more

The Zimbabwe Money Note Legendary


Updated: Person Cap: 9 millions GBP per person, 1 time exchange only, you only have once chance to show your Zim note.

Many intel providers/websites say about “humanity project”, “dream rate”, “face value”, etc. Do your intel providers/websites guarantee you or even tell you will receive “that”?
Of course you can ask, but can you get that rate, get that money in your bank is another question.

Not all people will be accepted to have “face value and beyond” money.
Not all the “projects” you tell will get accepted.

The bank will going to ask you back this (100%):
Who are you? Why we have to give you that much money?
Why you deserve have more money than many “human-in-angel” celebrities star?

And a lot more questions. Since I am the most connected person ever appear in GCR community, I will tell and answer any kind of questions if have, but only at:
https://gnmms.forumotion.com/ and https://angelteam.wordpress.com

And much more about this GCR event, maybe I will tell you how to get “extra zero code” and how to unlock it.

Any questions about the Zim and GCR and more authentic GCR event information: go to https://gnmms.forumotion.com/ and https://angelteam.wordpress.com


Donald Trump could be killed in his Asia Tour if not careful

Please forward this letter direct to Donald Trump and his team.
I am not here to make prank news, I am deadly serious about this. I am the only Spirit King on Earth at this moment.

Donald Trump could be killed in his current Asia tour trip not because of getting assassin or got shot many anybody, any beings.

But because of he will get overpowered by trapped-dead-souls by doing some kind of ritual by himself.

1. He could get tricked by signing some kind of deal for American or for himself with group/anyone but with conditions “perform some kind of ritual”.

2. The problem that Donald Trump still does not know that the result could be instant dead by “trapped-dead-souls” if he join any kind of ritual.

3. As far as I know he already joint “some” in Europe, America, and the final will be this Asia trip.

Donald Trump need to understand that America and his profile can easily overcome the 22 Trillions debts if he just listen to my idea/solutions. There are many solutions:

– The fastest way to just make a tweet said “the Messiah Spirit King has returned” and give this book to this whole planet https://gaiaspiritking.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/gaiaspiritking-book1.pdf

– Call and challenge all nations do this:
Corruption law: “Instantly dead for all corruption people who take bribe or do anything like that”. Give all current Government people 72 hours to resign if any of them get over 5 million USD in bribe money in all of their politics career.

Just by doing 2 above thing. That is the good game, well played to all groups, do not fear about any thing like “fake video” or any kind of proof, “others” have on you. The people will trust you if you just doing 2 above thing than any groups, any Government.

In Asia, for your safety, you just need to:

– Do not part take, join any kind of ritual.

– Do not visit any “historic man-made” place.

– Do not pray when you visit any temples, or any place. There are many dead-trapped temple where you cannot even see what inside from outside (example Tran Quoc temple in Hanoi, Vietnam).

The best and safest thing is just go around and touch/hug the tree near any temple. And if you want the protection, you only need to it with thought & intention only, I repeat NEVER PRAY anybody, any temples.

– When you pick a place to stay, only choose the hotel/US embassy after you “touch down” in that city and only within 24 hour only, do no pick ahead and above that 24 hour window for maximum protection.


If possible skip all tour in Vietnam and Philippine, back to the USA after you visit China on November 8th 2017.
If you checking APEC location in Danang, Vietnam, that area is getting flood everywhere (that is the preparation ritual I told month ago!).
The best tactic is announce the GCR under Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China on November 8th 2017, then head back to USA instantly with reason “flood in APEC location” and “internal nation affair”.

We all know all kind of “global meeting like APEC, Summit” is just for “stupid leaders” to do “stupid things together”, it doesn’t have any kind of effect for the whole Earth citizen at all.

The best global Earth solution right now is this book https://gaiaspiritking.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/gaiaspiritking-book1.pdf

Messiah – Mahdi – Kalki – Maitreya – Christ – Udumbara Flower Holy King

Spirit Rule & Law [Gaia Spirit King Book 1]

Copy from the book https://gaiaspiritking.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/gaiaspiritking-book1.pdf

There is always spirit rule & law apply in the all universe, but there are not many people truly understand and know about it.

And quite frankly, I will only talk briefly because I am not sure when even this book will allowed go to hand of all Earth citizens or other people will take advantage of this. This is for normal people, while the King will have much more complicated rules.
Some basic spirit rule & laws:
1. Law of live: All people and animals, plants have this rights. When you eating animals or even root plants, you are greatly violating this law.

2. Law of take advantage of others: some groups of beings on Earth are taking advantage of many people, many may not violate physical man made law but are greatly violate this law. Example: people need money, in difficult situation, etc.

3. Law of privacy: example: spaming email, marketing, get signature energy through subcribers/follwers, it pretty much like collect infomation without other people’s awareness, harass people etc.

4. Laundering spirit enegry: it is like laundering money but in spirit level there is no fraud, black or light, dark energy. Anything do with other people spirit energy without their permission is violating this great law, examples: suck, collect, affect the flow, etc.

Frankly at this point I don’t think much of you understand, so I just end here because if I talk too much, nobody will understand and just waste of time.

That is the first part in this book, I will never reveal anymore thing at both physical and spirit level unless all above recommendation are being done or at least get some global attention first.
Thank you for reading

Earth Planet 20-10-2017, October 20th, 2017
Gaia Spirit King

The New Moral System [Gaia Spirit King Book 1]

Copy from the book https://gaiaspiritking.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/gaiaspiritking-book1.pdf

People: you have a great a idea about Moral System, but it still sound crazy and hard to understand.

Spirit King: it is much more easier than money system and it will solve all the Earth problem automatically.

People: sound like another big talk

Spirit King: you’re welcome. What is there is a system to give you 0% interest money loan, will have you get jobs easier, travel easier, and do a lot of thing less complicated. Then that must be the Moral System.

People: oh, so that New Moral System will has that kind of feature? Can you give more info please?

Spirit King: There will be a global Moral System company own by all nation government and the public.

Just like your bank account: You will have to register it first, is also have moral point like your bank account but all people in all nation will start with a same moral point.
– The point can only increase when you do not violate any local or global law & order, I am not talking about spirit law, I am just talking about physical man made law.

– The point will decrease when you violating any law and will receive a “ticket” in your moral account.

It should has global moral point and each nation moral point.
A nation can set a moral point requirements in order to able to travel in that country

A bank can check the moral point to give loan with 0% interest

A company can use it to recruit people but when the time come, all companies will have to share the average employee moral point for the customer.

There is a lot of thing can do with that system even receive global money note or use it to buy/sell/trade.

As I said previously, it will solve automatic every problem on Earth at the moment. I am talking about physical level not spirit level.

Do you think that people will hack online, spam email, violate this and that if there is a system like this exist and can affect directly to them.

People: WOW sound crazy good idea, but can anyone influence it?

Spirit King: No, first it will be owned both by the public and all nation government, it must be 100% open source as well. Frankly who dare to hack cheat the system while they can receive heavy punishment by all Earth citizens? If all nations unify, there will be no such thing as “using proxy”.

The question now to me is when all nations have gut to give this idea to the public.